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Size Matters: Smaller is Sometimes Better

Which is better: The large agribusinesses that seem to be taking over the world (and killing off the bees) or small, (often organic) local farmers? AND sociologists say that small businesses...
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Pigs are Getting Aggressive

We told you earlier about how massive commercial hog farms are so disgusting that in Florida they're trying to pass a law making it illegal to photograph them. The conditions are so awful that pigs are ESCAPING!
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Irish Potato Blight Reaches our Shore

But it's affecting tomatoes this time - Almost everyone in the US has some Irish blood, because due to the potato famine in the 19th century, thousands of Irish immigrated here. When Anne Strieber analyzed the hundreds of thousands of letters from experiencers that she read, she found that a large proportion of writers had...

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Buried Farms

Imagine a massive international effort to combat global warming by reducing carbon dioxide build-up in the atmosphere. It involves gathering billions of tons of cornstalks, wheat straw, and other crop residue from farm fields, bailing it, shipping the material to seaports, and then burying it in the deep ocean.

Making bales with 30%...
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