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Why We All Have Different Faces

Why are the faces of primates (and people!) so dramatically different from one another?

Biologists working as "evolutionary detectives" studied the faces of 129 adult male primates from Central and South America in search of some answers, and discovered that faces they studied evolved over at least 24 million years....
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Face Blind

After Anne Strieber's stroke, she found she had trouble recognizing faces and finding her way around, a problem that eventually went away. Researches think both talents are based in our genes. This is one of the subjects she discusses with Russell Targ on this week's Dreamland. Come talk to Anne in person in June!

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The Shape of Your Face Reveals

a SECRET about you! - A quick glance at the shape of someone's face may be enough to predict their tendency towards aggression.

Facial width-to-height ratio (WHR) is determined by measuring the distance between the right and left cheeks and the distance from the upper lip to the mid-brow. During childhood, boys and girls...

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Do We Read Each Other Right?

Speaking different languages is hard enough, but interpreting facial expressions differently only adds to the confusion when people from different places try to communicate! When Asians migrate to US and open small businesses, there is sometimes a lot of misunderstanding, because smiling at strangers is considered rude in many Asian countries,...

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Why Your Face is Red or Green

Not because it's Christmas! - We're all annoyed by those "red eyes" that show up in photographs when we use a flash. But did you know that men's FACES can turn out red too? (And WOMEN'S faces can look green!)

Why is this? Because male faces really do have a red tint, while female faces have a naturally green hue. We may...

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Can't quite figure out who that person is? Anne Strieber has written about how she has problems recognizing people ever since her stroke. A researcher who was trying to figure out how to get children from the "missing" posters on milk cartons and in grocery stores has figured out a way to remember faces better.

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His Face Reveals Everything (If You Just Know How to Look)

Can you judge a man's faithfulness by his face? How about whether he would be a good father or a good provider? Many people believe they can, and a social psychologist who did an online study about this decided they were right.

Researcher Daniel J. Kruger conducted a series of online experiments showing 854 male and female undergraduate...

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Coming Our Way: Cosmetics Made From Human Skin

First we found out that Mad Cow Disease arrived in the UK because bones from corpses in India were imported there to be used in cattle feed. Now we?ve learned that a Chinese company is using skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products to sell in Europe. Who knows what strange diseases that will bring!


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Are Face Transplants a Solution or a Bigger Problem?

The newest kind of plastic surgery is the face transplant. This is not done for the reason ordinary plastic surgery is usually done, because someone isn't happy with the way they look. People who get face transplants have been extremely disfigured, usually from car accidents or fires. For them, this is a life saver, even if it means they end up...

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How to Get a New Face

When Jim Alexander backed out of a convenience store where he?d stopped for a cup of coffee in 1996, he crashed his car, which burned for 20 minutes before rescuers could get him out. Burns disfigured his face so badly that the other diners at his regular restaurant asked him not to come back. Alexander, age 60, retreated to his home, partially...

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