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The Eyes Have It: New Diagnosis tool for Mental Illness

The power of the eye has always fascinated man, who has declared since ancient times that these enigmatic visual organs are "the mirrors of our soul". The latest developments in psychiatry may now add some weight to this concept, as a recent research study has indicated that the eye may hold the key to the diagnosis of severe mental...
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Gigantic Eyeball Found on Florida Beach

Beachcombing is a tougher job than it seems to be: First it was severed feet (still wearing sneakers!) washing up on beaches of Canada. Now it's a giant eyeball washing up on the Florida shore. Could...
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Why are Some Eyes Blue?

We told you where white folks come from--now we're going to explain why some white people have blue eyes. People with blue eyes all have a genetic mutation that reduces that amount of melanin (color) in the eye, meaning they have a single, common ancestor. This mutation...
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Why We Don't See What's Really There

The cells in our eyes that detect light are in the center of our field of vision, so scientists have long concentrated on what we see in front of us, but now they're becoming interested in what we see out of the corners of our eyes--our...
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It's All in the Eyes

Many people think we need to transform our politics here in the US. If you want to know what political side someone you're talking to is...
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Eye Control

There are some amazing discoveries being made. For instance, you'll soon be able to control many appliances with a wave of your hand. What if you could control the music coming through your earphones by moving your eyes?

Not only WAVE your hand: tapping your arm or hand with a finger could control your TV (and other appliances) as well....

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Boys Don't Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses?

Not true BUT if you want your kid not to need them, here's how - If you assume that everyone will need glasses after a certain age, it turns out that's not true. Spending pending two to three hours a day outdoors can markedly lower a child's risk of becoming nearsighted. And playing video games IMPROVES your kid's vision!

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I Love to Gaze into Your Eyes...

The reason you like gazing into your lover's eyes may be because you used to gaze into your mother's eyes when you were an infant, since this released a comforting brain hormone, which is also stimulated by touches and hugs. And what if those eyes you're gazing into are blue?

Researchers have learned that the brain chemical oxytocin is...

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Our Eyes Reveal Our Thoughts

We've reported before on how important eyes can be. It turns out that the way we use our eyes can give people in the know information about what we?re are thinking, whether we?re paying attention, and whether or not we are telling a lie.

Ker Than reports in that biologists study this by observing primates. Michael...

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Are You Being Ignored?

Researchers have discovered that people who think they are being watched are more honest?even if the eyes watching them don't belong to a real person. Now scientists say that the fact that someone is NOT watching you DOES NOT mean that they aren't hanging onto your every word.

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