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Weekender: The Green Children of Woolpit - Allegory for an Alien Visitation?

There is an unassuming village in the South-East of England that may have played host to one of the most intriguing potential alien visitations ever recorded.

Woolpit, in Suffolk, is the setting for an ancient legend dating back to the 12th century, which describes an encounter with two strange beings known as "The Green...
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Weekender: Artificial Intelligence - Are We Summoning A Demon That We Can't Control?

A recent Unknown Country news article outlined the results of a poll in which representatives from the global population were canvassed for their opinions. The poll asked participants which from a list of dangers they considered to be the most likely to threaten continued human existence.

The options given in the poll ranged from...
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Scientists Declare "Life May Be Universal"

The romantic notion of "stardust" has inspired authors, poets and song-writers for decades, leading to a dictionary definition that describes it as "a magical or charismatic quality or feeling."

Despite its enchanting reputation, this seemingly mystical substance is not merely confined to the imagination but is a...
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Meteorite Reveals Extraterrestrial Life

A meteorite that recently landed close to a city in Sri Lanka may be "the most important scientific discovery in the last 500 years" since it brought "compelling evidence of life" from space.

On the Island website, Walter Jayawardhana quotes one of the scientists who discovered the contents of the meteorite as...
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NASA Says There's Alien Life on Moon of Saturn

We don't know if there are aliens on the moon, but we DO know that NASA has uncovered evidence of what it calls "primitive aliens" on Titan, one of Saturn's biggest moons.

NASA concluded this after its Cassini probe analyzed the complex chemistry if the...
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Discovery of a Perfect Planet

An Earth-like planet recently spotted outside our solar system is the first that atromomers have found that could support liquid water and harbor life.

Liquid water is what astronomers look for, and the...
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Still Searching for ET

When we're looking for extraterrestrial life, other moons may be our best bet. Among the most habitable alien worlds is Saturn's moon Titan.

In recent years, the search for potentially habitable planets outside our solar system has increased. NASA's...
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The REdiscovery of New Planets

In a continuing search for other planets that may harbor life, re-analysis of Hubble Space Telescope images from 1998, astronomers have found evidence for two extrasolar planets that went undetected back then. Four giant planets are known to orbit the young, massive star HR 8799, which is 130 light-years away. The first three were discovered In...
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Planets Found That Could Contain Extraterrestrial Life

There may be alien life out there, after all: Using the Harps telescope in Chile, a European observatory has announced "major" alien planet findings: 50 previously unknown "exoplanets" that could harbor life. These...
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Life on Other Planets

NASA can't keep it secret if it shows up on Google! - Scientists are expanding the search for extraterrestrial life?and they've set their sights on some very unearthly planets?and it turns out there are LOTS of them! But if we DO find life on other planets, there's a strong chance the general public will never hear about it....

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Extraterrestrial Life: Not Carbon-Based Like Us?

Could extraterrestrial life be made of corkscrew-shaped particles of interstellar dust? Astronomers have discovered intriguing new evidence of life-like structures that form from inorganic substances in space that could be the basis of ANOTHER life form.

An international team of astronomers thinks that extraterrestrial life forms may...

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The Search for Alien Life

In a report titled ?Signs of Life,? a multidisciplinary group of scientists talk about techniques and technologies that can be used to detect evidence for extraterrestrial life on other worlds.

?The report is based on a workshop that brought together a healthy spectrum of senior experts and young researchers,? says Jonathan Lunine,...

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A Search for the Chemicals of Alien Life

Scientists looking at a star 150 light-years away with the Hubble Space Telescope found that a planet there contains sodium in its atmosphere. This demonstrates that it may be possible to search for the chemical signature of life on planets beyond the solar system.

?Suddenly, discussing searches for Earth-like planets seems quite...

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