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UN Calls US Ethanol Evil Corn

Evil Corn? They don't put it that way, but they HAVE called for an immediate suspension of government-mandated US ethanol production, saying that this is creating a worldwide food shortage. Corn (the main ingredient...
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The Secret Behind the Arab Spring

Riots in the Middle East are inspiring similar riots in the West. Last February in his online journal, Whitley Strieber offered the opinion that the Arab world was exploding not because of a...
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Conned by Corn (AGAIN!)

In 1998, Whitley Strieber had never heard of climate change, but the Master of the Key burst into his hotel room in Toronto and told him all about it (The new,...
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From Poison to Pistons

E. coli bacteria is the primary cause of food poisoning. We may be able to get even for all those stomach aches we've had by turning it into automobile and jet fuel. The biotech company Joule Unlimited, which is privately held and highly secretive about its...
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Corn Again

It's evil corn yet again! There is growing interest in using the waste that's left on the ground after a crop is harvested for the production of ethanol because it produces more energy than corn-based fuel. This would also help solve the food versus fuel debate, because less of the grain would be diverted to ethanol production, leaving more...

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Water, Water Everywhere...

But not a drop to drink? - You shouldn't drink and drive, and if we continue to create biofuel out of corn, folks in the Midwest may not be able to drink at all anymore (water that is). But corn is still better than coal!

Federal requirements to increase the production of ethanol has developed into a "drink-or-drive...

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That Evil Corn Again

When corn is used to make ethanol, the question becomes: food or fuel? Even though the type of corn used to make biofuel is not the kind people eat, its use can raise food prices here in the US. Keep reading to learn why.

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Ethanol Could Make Things Worse

In the US, for political reasons, we're being conned by corn. It turns out that fuels high in ethanol may pose an equal, or even greater, risk to our health than regular gas.

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Ethanol: Conned by Corn

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the EPA can regulate auto emissions, researchers are taking a new look at those greenhouse gases spewed out from car tail pipes that may be changing our climate. Because we have too much corn in this country, ethanol (which is made from corn) is being promoted as the biofuel of the future, but it is NOT...

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Biofuel Lies

When it comes to ethanol, our government is being just as deceptive at it has been in the past about the terrorist threat. In the Independent, Daniel Howden writes, "The twin threats of climate change and energy security are creating an unprecedented thirst for alternative energy with ethanol leading the way? But a growing number of economists...

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Solve the Oil Shortage: Grow Gas

Last year in the United States, four billion gallons of ethanol were produced from 1.43 billion bushels of corn (including kernels, stalks, leaves, cobs, husks). In comparison, the United States consumed about 140 billion gallons of gasoline. Due to farm subsidies, we have too much corn, so the government would love it if we could turn all that...

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