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Scientists Create New "Disappearing" Plastic, Whilst Our Plastic Waste Is Mysteriously Disappearing...

Plastic waste is one of the scourges of the modern world, being generated via every industry from electronics to packaging and vehicles. Once discarded, plastic chokes our landfills and oceans for centuries, and when one considers that humans produce almost 300 million tons of plastic each year, the extent of the problem becomes all too clear....
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Scientists Say Amazon Rainforest Is Drying Out With Catastrophic Results

A few weeks ago, Unknown Country reported that NASA were investing millions of dollars into a new laser-based instrument, located on the International Space Station,  which is intended to provide a unique 3-D view of Earth’s forests...
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We Are Losing Our Wildlife - Half Of All Species Lost During Past 40 Years

Twelve months ago, a study revealed a shocking decline in the global populations of so-called "priority species" creatures. The evidence suggested a 58 per cent drop in 210 key species during the forty year period between 1970 and 2010, with seven per cent being lost within the past five years.

It seems that the decline is...
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Life-Forms Found Living On International Space Station

It has been said that "life will always find a way," and a recent discovery by Russian space officials appears to confirm that life can certainly exist in the most hostile of environments.

Traces of plankton and other microorganisms have been found living happily aboard the International Space Station (ISS), not safely...
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'Green Slime' Powers Building

A new apartment complex in Germany is intentionally growing an algae farm on its facade, in order to power the building. The hope to use the green slime to produce the building's heat, as well as cool the building. It's a new definition of "green!"

Will we see more green buildings in the future? In the April 25th edition of...
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It's Not Easy Being Green

Patrick Moore help found Greenpeace in 1971, but today he's pushing GM foods and nuclear power plants. And the Sierra Club is being taken over by anti-immigration activists. What's going on here?

Drake Bennett writes in that despite campaigning in the past against nuclear testing, Moore joined the other side in 1986. Today he...

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Weeds Take Over the World

Evolution scientists in London warn of the spread of a global ?pest and weed? environment, with animals and plants such as rats, cockroaches and dandelions flourishing at the expense of more specialized wild species.

They say that in the next 5 million years, short-term evolution will favor species able to thrive in the margins of human...

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Greenhouse Gases Now Seen From Space

New evidence from satellites orbiting the Earth has put an end to an doubts about whether greenhouse gases are actually increasing.

Until now, researchers depended on ground-based measurements and theoretical models to measure the increase. New sets of data taken from two satellites orbiting the Earth have now provided the first directly...

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Water Flows Out of Devastation

As a result of January's devastating earthquake, water has suddenly reappeared in the middle of an arid section of India.

Water sprung up after the earthquake liquefied the clay and sand in ancient river beds. Underground water quickly rose to the surface to flood the channels.

This is an area of India that is regularly hit by...

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