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Mining On The Moon - Will Earth's Future Depend on Off-Earth Reserves?

Fables have declared for millennia that the Moon, one of the most influential planets in our solar system, is made of green cheese.

The legend arose from an ancient tale that described how a wolf was convinced by his prey, a wiley fox, that the moon's reflection in a pool was a tasty round cheese. The hapless wolf was persuaded to...
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Weekender: Chakras and the Sacred Geometry of our Living Planet

For some, the concept of the seven 'chakras' or energy centers in the body is a difficult one to embrace, yet it appears that science has managed to provide evidence to confirm their existence. Chakra points have been accepted by mystics, saints, wise men and yogis as part of our spiritual body for centuries, but Dr. Hiroshimi Motoyama, a...
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When Energy Stinks

A sewer is where your toilet flushings, shower and dishwashing water go, and it's a pretty warm place. That heat can generate energy, meaning that a sewer system can take care of heating and cooling a whole city. The small city of Brainerd, Minnesota is trying it out. This could be ...
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Wind Power? No Wind

One of the main substitutes for green-house gas emitting energy is WIND POWER, but we'd better build more wind turbines soon, because climate change can cut down on wind and make this technology useless. The prevailing winds in the "free" atmosphere about 1,000 meters above the ground are maintained by a temperature gradient that...
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Good News: We're Using Less Energy

While everyone is worrying about energy costs and the greenhouse gases produced by power plants, it turns out that the average American is using LESS than energy than before. The reason? The country's population shift to the more moderate and warm climates of the American West and Southwest. Turning on the air conditioner for part of the year...

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Hope for the World's Cities

Wind turbines may soon seem hopelessly old-fashioned, since researchers have now found a way to generate electricity from the waves in the ocean. Now if the world's major cities, many of which are situated on ocean coastlines, can stay dry enough to survive, they will be able to have plenty of water AND power far into the future!


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Windfarms?Blight or Blessing?

Wind farms, with their rows of tall white poles topped withspinning turbines, all generating electricity, are abeautiful, calming sight to some people and a blight on thelandscape to others?especially when they're placed in theocean, within sight of beachfront property.

Willett Kempton and Jeremy Firestone examined publicreaction to the...

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