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End of the Gentle Giants

African forest elephants are being poached out of existence. A new study with of largest dataset on forest elephants ever compiled reveals a loss of more than 60% in the past decade, due to slaughtering them for their ivory tusks. The decline is documented throughout forest elephant's range in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic...
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When Animals Speak to US

We know that animals talk to EACH OTHER, but lately, they've started talking to US (and they're speaking our language as well!)

Elephants can communicate with each other, using sounds too high-...
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Saving Elephant Sex

If you could read an elephant's mind, would he be constantly thinking about sex? It's doubtful: Zookeepers in the US have a big problem--new elephant bloodlines are needed and it's hard to get enough elephant sperm.

The solution? Elephant sperm banks. The Pittsburgh Zoo has...
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Elephants in Zoos Have Shorter Lives

Whitley communicated with an elephant in Portland Zoo. Sadly, a new study comparing wild?and even working?elephants with those found in zoos finds that the zoo animals have much shorter lives, mainly because they don't get enough exercise, so they get too fat.

The average lifespan for African elephants is only 19 years, compared with 56...

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The Amazing Memories of Female Elephants

...and how they save their herds from starvation - Elephants are amazing creatures. The legends say that elephants "never forget," and a new study suggests that old female elephants?and perhaps their memories of distant, life-sustaining sources of food and water?may be the key to the survival of their herds during periods of...

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Elephant Slaughter

Western aid to Africa helps these countries build roads, which are greatly needed to distribute food and medicine. But these new roads also make it easier for ivory poachers to reach the interior and kill large numbers of elephants.

In, Jeanna Bryner quotes biologist Stephen Blake as saying, "Unmanaged roads are highways...

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The End of Elephants

African elephants are being slaughtered for their ivory at a rate unprecedented since an international convention banning ivory trade took effect in 1989. If something isn?t done soon, we may not be able to save these magnificent creatures from extinction in the wild, and there will be only a few left, all of them living in zoos. This is all...

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Elephant Wisdom

Five years ago, we reported that a dolphin recognizes himself when it sees its image in a mirror. Now it has been discovered that elephants do too. Scientists think that this is a true test of self-awareness.

Peter Aldhous writes in New Scientist that recognizing your own image was thought to be something only humans were capable of....

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Elephant Talk

We now know that elephants communicate over long distances by stamping their feet, so that other elephants pick up the vibrations. South Korean zookeeper Kim Jon-Gap says that their zoo has an elephant that has learned to speak actual words.

A sixteen-year-old elephant named Kosik imitates the sound of eight Korean words, such as "sit...

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