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Free-Wheeling, Fuel-Free, Flying Cars? Space-Age Travel Really Has Arrived

The future of motoring is about to change radically. In the future, there should be no need for noisy, fuel-guzzling vehicles that belch damaging fumes into our precious atmosphere, pounding our roads and harming our environment, as advances in science have provided stunning new alternatives, some of which do not even require a driver.
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Electric Cars POLLUTE

China, which is heavily polluted, has a program to replace conventional automobiles with electric cars. But it turns out that these are EVEN MORE polluting than automobiles with gas engines!

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Electric Cars Can POLLUTE!

In order to stave off bankruptcy, GM is trying to interest customers in its electric Chevrolet "Volt," but the trouble is, it can only go 40 miles before it needs to be recharged. There are very few municipal charging stations around and not everyone has a garage where they can install an outlet. Imagine how different things would be if General...

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Cars (& Gas Stations) of the Future

BMW will bring out an electric version of its popular "Mini" in 2010, but you'll have to get on a waiting list in order to buy one, since they will only be leased to around 500 "selected" customers at first. The first ones will be available in California, since that state has a mandate that requires car manufacturers to build 7,500 non-...

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Whatever Happened To...? (Part II)

Whatever happened to the electric car? It moved to Norway.

The "Think" car is a 2,500 pound car with plastic body panels and a range of 112 miles on a full electrical charge. Can it make it in the US? If it does, Ford Motor Company will be mightily embarrassed!

The company making the new car, which was originally called Pivco,...

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