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Your Body is Electric (If You Wear the Right Clothes)

Scientists are now working on turning the human body into a power station that can act like a battery pack to run your laptop, as well as other appliances that you carry or wear. A pacemaker powered by the energy of your heartbeat could operate for a lifetime, and never need...
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The Electric Man

Talk about Mysterious Powers! First we wrote about a young girl who appears to have magnetic hands. Now we have discovered a man who can conduct large amounts of electricity without hurting himself. And researchers have discovered that shooting electricity into your brain may help...
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Will Electric Cars REALLY Save Energy?

It depends on where the electricity they use is made - There is a feeling going around that after all the UFO sightings that have occurred, the next step is disclosure. Most of us assume that the next step after hybrid cars is electric vehicles. But before you plug in that car, you need to find out how your electricity is being...

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