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Why Target the Elderly?

You may have noticed more TV ads lately--about medicines, etc.--that are obviously aimed at older viewers. Is this because they have more money than younger viewers, many of whom are out of work? Or could it be because their aging brains make them vulnerable?
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What Improves With Age

Our memories may deteriorate as we get older, but our HEARTS become wiser.

A hundred years ago, life was harder, so people tended to erect a hard crust around their emotions. Children died young, which led to the emotionally cold and distant father--very common in...
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Duped by Our Own Brains

Why do the elderly support politicians who want to do away with Medicare and Social Security? Scientists say this is because a specific area of the brain has deteriorated or is damaged.

By examining patients with various forms of brain damage, researchers have pinpointed the precise location in the human brain, called the...
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Older and Wiser?

Is the old adage "older and wiser" true? A recent study suggests that it is. A psychologist found that in the US, older folks have more of it than younger people, despite the fact that we seem to admire youth so much here. Surprisingly, he found the opposite in Japan, a...
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Older Brains are Better

Christmas is the season when we get together with elderly friends and relatives (NOTE: You can watch the video here), and Santa's not so young either! Have...
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Old Sinners Picked the Right Parents

People may be getting sick and dying at a younger age than they used to, although some people seem to have found the legendary Fountain of Youth. But people who live...
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We May Have Discovered the Fountain of Youth

But it's not a place, it's a pill. Researcher Linda Partridge claims that by taking a single pill every day from middle-age on, we will grow old free from illnesses of the body and mind such as Alzheimer's and heart disease. We may even be able to...
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What if You Could Reverse Aging

What if you could REVERSE the aging process--not only for your entire body, but for individual ailing organs, such as your heart, as well? Researchers have done it with mice: They turned weak and feeble oldsters into healthy animals through regeneration.
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Keep on Drivin'

And drinking (just not at the same time!) - We all know that teens are terrible drivers, and some municipalities want to take away drivers licenses from people over 70. But it turns out that grandpa is doing just fine (unless he's a golfer).

Despite growing numbers on the road, fewer older drivers died in crashes and...

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Can Americans Work Forever?And Will They Have To?

When we go to Wal-Mart and other stores?even fast food restaurants?we notice that the employees seem a lot older than they used to be. Spending your last years relaxing on a beach in Florida is becoming a thing of the past, and more than one of every five Americans age 62 and older who expected to retire is still working.

Part of this is...

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New Hope for Old Folks

It can be depressing to grow old, but there's a ray of sunshine around every corner. For instance, a drug developed to treat leukemia has a surprising side effect?it restores color to gray hair. News hasn't been this good since a heart medicine was found to grow hair on bald pates (and is now sold in drugstores as Rogaine). French doctors...

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Three Secrets of a Long Life

Scientists have discovered 3 things that predict how long you?re going to live: a low body temperature, your levels of insulin and a chemical called DHEAS, and how tough your stem cells are. The first two come from experiments in which animals are fed low calorie diets. These animals live up to 40% longer than normal and also have a lower than...

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