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Incoming El NiƱo Could Break All Previous Records

As already predicted in Unknown Country's Climate Watch, it appears that westerly winds sweeping across the Pacific ocean could produce the first El Niño weather system since 2009-2010. Forecasters warn that it could be one of the most dramatic on record.

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Why the Weather is Changing

It's not just global warming, it's El Nino - Is it HOT where you are this summer? The Pacific Ocean warming known as El Nino can disrupt weather patterns across the world. Over the next few months, there may be more drought in Africa, India and Australia, heavierrainfall in South America and increased extremes of hot and cold...

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Warning Waves Predict El Nino

In Ecuador or Peru the air and water are sometimes a bit warmer and the waves are a bit higher. When that happens, it means the area has been hit by a ?Kelvin wave,? which means an El Nino is on the way.

?Kelvin waves are warm bumps in the Pacific Ocean,? says JPL oceanographer Bill Patzert. They form around Indonesia and travel east...

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El Nino is BACK

NOAA has announced that warming is being observed over the Tropical Pacific, which could lead to an El Nino by early spring. The U.S. is not expected to see the impact until late summer, and they will last through the fall and into next winter.

NOAA cautions that it?s too early to predict the magnitude of the 2002 El Ni?o, or how long it...

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El Ninos More Frequent, Bringing Extreme Weather

An ancient coral reef in Papua New Guinea reveals that El Ninos and La Ninas, the pulses of warm and cold water in thePacific that cause extreme weather patterns such as droughts, floods and storms, have never been stronger than they are today.

So far, scientists have been unable to predict future El Ninos, meaning that they cannot...

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Writer Discovers Cause of El Ninos

In a recent press release, Michael Mandeville, author of the Phoenix Trilogyabout the prophecies of Edgar Cayce, said that he has found a strongcorrelation between the outbreak of an El Nino and the location of the poleas the earth rocks back and forth in its annual orbit. This earth movementis known as Chandler's Wobble. The cause of these...

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