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Edgar Mitchell Tells Bloomberg News: UFO Coverup Must End

In an article on Bloomberg News, Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was asked about the Roswell incident, and replied that he had been contacted not only by the man who delivered the coffins to the base for the bodies found in the wreckage, but by descendants of other original Roswell observers. He went...
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An Astronaut Speaks Out About UFOs

Astronauts have seen UFOs on the moon, and astronomers have noticed unusual features about objects passing between the earth and the moon, features which have never been made public.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who is now 80, feels that an alien presence may be here, but that it is...
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Apollo Astronaut Says ETs are Here

Edgar Mitchell has once again stated clearly that high ranking civilian and military officials have over the years confirmed to him the UFO phenomenon in part is the consequence of a non-human intelligence engaging the planet earth and the human race. He also says an extraterrestrial vehicle crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 placing in ET...

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