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What War Really Costs

We all know it costs the lives and health of our soldiers, but when old men send young men to war, it costs huge amounts of money too, and now that we're in a recession, we have to ask ourselves: Was...
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Recessions Caused by Income Gap

If there isn't a big enough middle class, it hurts EVERYBODY (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), because historically, times like this have led to recessions and even depressions. This is because middle...
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Prehistoric Brains in Modern Bodies

Our bodies may be modern, but our BRAINS are still prehistoric--at least according to one researcher, who says that our minds, bodies, businesses, governments, and social institutions are no longer capable of coping with the rapid rate of change in technology.

William Davidow, formerly head of the microprocessor division at Intel,...
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There is No Oil Shortage

So why are gas prices so high? High international oil prices are bad news for everyone--even for oil-producing countries. People who have to pay $4 for a gallon of gas don't have money to spend on other things, and eventually even gas consumption goes down, as people turn to other modes of transportation. For a long time, it was assumed that...
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Signs That China May Have an Economic Crash

There are signs that China may not be doing as well economically as it claims to be, and those signs are: skyscrapers. According to a study by Barclays Capital, the building of skyscrapers over the last 140 years is a sure indicator of an imminent crash. The construction boom that produced both New York's Chrysler and Empire State buildings...
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Something GOOD About the Recession

The recession has been painful for most of us, but it's been GOOD in one way: It's cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, which means it's reduced the threat of global...
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Who's Broke? (It's Not Who You Think it Is)

In theory, older people and people with higher levels of education should be more financially stable and have an easier time affording their homes, but since the economy has become such a horror show,...
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The Stock Market Horror Movie

Politics is disgusting and the economy is worse (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show)--and the stock market is like a...
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How Men are Weathering the Recession

The acute economic downturn that began in 2008 sometimes is called the "mancession" to reflect its harsher impact on men than women. As recently as last November, over 10% of adult men were unemployed as...
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Watch Out!

You may want to vote for the laughing candidate, but lots of old folks (and their kids) won't be laughing if we elect someone who wants to destroy social security, as two of the Presidential candidates...
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The Secret Behind the Arab Spring

Riots in the Middle East are inspiring similar riots in the West. Last February in his online journal, Whitley Strieber offered the opinion that the Arab world was exploding not because of a...
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Banks are in Trouble for Mortgage Scams

If you've been a victim of a widespread mortgage scam, you'll be glad to know that banks are not getting away with it. The federal agency that runs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is getting ready to...
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Our Economy is Faltering Because We're Not Bored

What can be done to create more JOBS? ONE thing we can do is become more bored, because boredom leads to the kind of innovation that creates new kinds of employment.
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Did YOU Fall for the Mortgage Scam?

One reason you may be in debt is because your part of the country was involved in a major mortgage scam: A...
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Who Will Recover First?

We recently told you which cities in the world are most likely to be destroyed by an asteroid impact. While congress argues about tax and spending cuts, we can now tell you which US metro region is most likely to come out of the current ECONOMIC impact relatively unscathed.

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Recession Diet

Not eat? Not exactly... - We're all terrified of the current recession. What can we do to save ourselves? Well, one thing we CAN do is DIET!

US food production wastes a lot of food, up and down the entire food chain, and most of that has to do with corn! Researchers have calculated how much energy, money and carbon...

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Is an Economic Catastrophe on the Way?

First, a prominent economist predicts an economiccatastrophe. Then, an OPEC announcement states that the oilconsortium anticipates a massive decline in oil consumptionin the second quarter of this year.

Morgan Stanley?s chief economist, Stephen Roach, is a wellknown economic pessimist, but even he doesn?t usuallypredict anything close...

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