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Got World's Biggest Cheeto? Sell it on E-Bay!

Mike Evans found a Cheeto in a bag he bought that's the size of a small lemon and weighs about half an ounce. He was wise enough not to eat it?instead, he posted it on eBay, where it was eventually bid up to millions of dollars. The bidding got so " says Evans. "I've even seen it online on a Russian site." He finally donated the giant Cheeto to...

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Secret Military Parts Sold on eBay

Sensitive military aircraft parts ended up on eBay last week and a few were even sold, before the U.S. Air Force yanked them off the site. Norb Novocin, the dealer who put the parts up for sale, bought them legitimately in an unclaimed property sale from a warehouse, where they had been in storage. They are used in the SR-71 spy plane, the F-16...

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Google Jokes

The internet search site Google is being used by some people to play jokes on their friends. These people have found a way to improve the rankings of particular webpages, to make sure a site is near the top of the results for particular search phrases.

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