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Week of Seismic Unrest Across the World - What Does It Mean?

The past week has seen a significant level of seismic unrest across the globe.

In Iceland, the volcano Bárðarbunga hit the headlines worldwide but so far only a minor eruption of lava has taken place; however earthquake activity around the site continues.
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Earthquakes Rock America - Could Fracking Bring The "Big One" Closer?

It's been a shaky 2014 so far across America, with a series of fairly major earthquakes rocking several regions of the continent from North to South.

As Californians were gently shaken from their slumber this morning by a 2.7 magnitude earthquake just after 5:21 AM PST today, we ask whether the "Big One" is looming.
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Unknowncountry Weekender: Earthquake Swarms and Supervolcanoes--Should We be Worried?

There is earthquake activity around two supervolcanoes, one in North Korea and the other in the United States. Earthquake swarms in such areas can indicate magma movement, and scientists are studying both volcanoes. A thousand years ago the eruption of Mount Paektu in what is now North Korea was probably the largest in human history. The eruption...
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Rapid Sea Level Rise Means More Volcanoes, Earthquakes on the Way.

Unexpectedly rapid melting of polar ice and glaciers between 2005 and 2011 caused a rise in global sea levels of another 2/3rds of an inch, according to a study just published in Nature Geoscience. Increased water pressure against continental shelves is known to lead to destabilization of faults as well as compression of magma deposits under...
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Buried CO2 May Cause Quakes

Burying carbon dioxide in the ground or even in the ocean has been proposed as one of the solutions to the greenhouse gas...
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Climate Change Triggers Quakes and Volcanoes

There is growing evidence that melting ice sheets and sea level changes can trigger earthquakes (NOTE...
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Is Math Behind Everything?

Eight years ago, when Anne Strieber woke up from a coma, she got the message "God is a mathematical formula." Recent studies suggest that mathematics may govern everything from...
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Are More Quakes on the Way?

Major new earthquakes in New Zealand make us wonder: Are more on the way--and if so, where will they strike? Scientists are warning that the northwest coast of the US could be devastated by a huge movement of...
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Are More Big Earthquakes Coming?

It certainly seems as if we've had a lot of earthquakes lately--some of them more dangerous than others. The devastating 2004 Indonesian tsunami, with its death toll of as many as 250,000 people, was caused by the first 9.0 earthquake since 1967. After that came a...
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More on the Way?

Some scientists say that more earthquakes are NOT immanent, but others strongly disagree. Are we in the midst of a worldwide plague of quakes? Three major quakes--the December 2004 Sumatra quake, the February 2010 Chile quake and now Sendai in Japan--have struck over the...
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Africa Splitting in Two

It isn't just war in the Sudan that is tearing apart Africa, it's earthquakes as well. Cracks began to be seen years ago, but it recent months they've increased, meaning that the continent is breaking apart in slow motion.

On the Before it's News website, Axel Bojanowski quotes geologist Cynthia Ebinger as saying, "The volcano...
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Earthquake Swarm Returns to Reno Area

There is increasing scientific speculation that some earthquakeactivity may belinked by complex and little-understood processes,but little or no evidence that quakes in one part of theworld may result in seismic activity elsewhere.Nevertheless, since the recent 7.8 quake that devastatedSichuan Province in China, the world has experienced...

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Earthquake Swarm

An unusual swarm of earthquakes has been going on off the coast of Oregon. The same thing happened 3 years ago. This is something that often occurs before a volcano erupts, except there are no volcanoes in the area. How can scientists spot underwater quakes? They LISTEN, using underwater microphones.

There have been over 600 quakes...

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Earthquakes Trigger Volcanoes

Scientists know that rain can trigger earthquakes. They also know that earthquakes and volcanoes may somehow be related. But do earthquakes trigger volcanoes?

A new study says that yes, they do. According to, "The violent rumblings of a major earthquake can almost immediately intensify nearby volcanic eruptions." This...

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Earthquakes and Volcanoes: Our Restless West Coast

As a series of earthquakes continued around Mt. St. Helens,central California was struck by a 6.0 quake along the SanAndreas Fault, centered near Paso Robles. In recent days,the West Coast has experienced an exceptional amount ofearthquake activity, with a cluster of quakes near MammothLake, the continuing disturbance around Mt. St. Helens,...

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How to Predict California Quakes

It's been discovered that the quakes produced by the San Andreas Fault in California occur at regular intervals. This previously unnoticed cycle gives researchers hope that they'll be able to predict them in the future.

Robert Sanders of U.C. Berkeley News writes that a new study by seismologists shows the frequency of tiny microquakes...

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Get a Dog

Earlier we wrote that everyone in California should get a pet mouse, so they'll be warned when another earthquake is on the way. Now Japanese researchers say dogs may also be able to predict earthquakes, and scientists there do seem to have predicted the big quake that hit last week.

Kiyoshi Shimamura says that he began noticing an...

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Afraid of Earthquakes? Get a Mouse

Everyone in Los Angeles should get a pet mouse. Why?Because mice can predict earthquakes. Japanese researchers say mice act strangely after being exposed to low levels of electromagnetism of the kind which is often in the atmosphere just before a major quake. These electromagnetism levels are too low for humans to notice, which is why we need...

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Slow Quake

If you have to have an earthquake, don't have a shaky one?have a slow one. That's what?s happening in the Northwest right now: an earthquake is slowly unleashing energy that measures 6.7 on the Richter scale. But it's releasing it over weeks rather than seconds, so no one can feel it. The quake, which started Feb. 26 and seems to be finally...

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Aftershocks 70 Years Later

Earthquakes don't ever really go away. Australia's Northern Territory felt tremors that geologists say are aftershocks from earthquakes that occurred 70 years ago. Mark Leonard has recorded aftershocks of earthquakes from as long ago as 1938 and 1941. He says, "?I would say the Simpson Desert (tremors) are?aftershocks because in 1938 and then...

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Recent Quakes Not Related

A string of earthquakes from Italy to Pakistan has killed 48 people recently, but seismologists say they are unconnected. 26 children died in southern Italy when their school collapsed, and there have been major quakes in Indonesia, Pakistan, the U.S. and Japan. "The (recent) quakes happened along different tectonic plates, therefore they...

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Why So Many Quakes?

There have been 108 earthquakes over 5.0 magnitude in the last 30 days, and now a 7.9 magnitude earthquake has struck Alaska, 75 miles south of Fairbanks. Scientists are struggling to understand how to predict quakes in time to provide effective warning, but so far they have only managed to get a few minutes' notice. They don't know why quakes...

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Quarks Cause Earthquakes

Geologists at Southern Methodist University say they havefound evidence of Strange Quark Nuggets (SQNs), which arevery tiny superdense balls of matter that were formed duringthe Big Bang and still exist in the universe. The proof thatSQNs exist is two earthquakes that were caused when theypassed through the Earth.

Strange Quark Nuggets...

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Earthquake Origins in Ocean Tides

It seems like an earthquake happens somewhere every day. Scientists are trying to learn how to predict them and to understand what causes them. Now Maya Tolstoy of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University says ocean tides may be the basic cause of earthquakes, including those on dry land.

Cracks on the ocean floor...

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How to Predict Earthquakes

One day we may be able to use weather satellites to analyze signals from within the Earth that predict an upcoming earthquake. We may also be able to explain the strange pre-earthquake behavior of weather, radio transmissions, animals and even people. But many seismologists believe that predicting individual earthquakes early enough to permit a...

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The Moon May Predict Earthquakes

If we knew an earthquake was on the way, vulnerable populations could be evacuated and tragedies like the huge death toll in India could be prevented. Scientists have tried to discover a method for predicting earthquakes for years, without success. Now Russian scientists have discovered that earthquakes may be linked to the cycles of the moon,...

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More Earthquakes - Are They Connected?

A modern earthquake rocked southwestern Greece last week, but there were no reports of damage or injuries. The 4.1magnitude quake occurred under the ocean, west of Athens.

A 4.2 magnitude quake hit Iran last week as well. No reports of damage or injuries have been reported there, either.

Recently, quakes have been felt in El...

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