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Why Some Quakes Kill More Than Others

Earthquakes, like the recent ones in California and Iran, affect everyone on Earth. Geologist Ross Stein says, "You may not be able to feel them, but the entire planet is rung like a bell?Mountains have probably been pushed up about a foot or so by [the California] earthquake." Eventually quakes in California will carve Mexico's Baja peninsula...

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Want to Cause an Earthquake? Jump Up & Down

A group of about 1,000 people in the Netherlands caused a small earthquake that measured 1.2 on the Richter scale by jumping up and down at the same time. Seismologists with the weather bureau measured the strength of the quake. The seismologists say the earthquake caused "more than a ripple in a lake." They were surprised at the earthquake's...

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Can We Predict When Yellowstone Will Blow?

A major supervolcano eruption is overdue in Yellowstone Park, which could darken the skies over the rest of the U.S. for years to come. Scientists would love to know how to accurately predict this and other eruptions, and now Bernard Chouet says he knows how to do it.

Chouet, of the U.S. Geological Survey, says that volcanic eruptions...

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Huge Quake Predicted for Seattle Area

Seattle could experience a one-two punch. First, an earthquake reaching 9 on the Richter Scale could strike the Pacific Northwest. A quake of this intensity would be enough to pulverize skyscrapers and kill people where they stood. Along with the predicted eruption of Mt. Rainier, this foretells a dire future for the area.

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USGS Fails to Report Major Earthquake

Three major earthquakes struck in a single day on Monday, May 23. While one or two such quakes in a single day is not an unsual event, this level of seismic activity is relatively rare and certainly worth reporting.

However, the the USGS failed to record, or chose not to report, one of these quakes. It was recorded near Mindanao at 23:13...

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3 Major Earthquakes in a Single Day

Three earthquakes of significant intensity struck Monday in various parts of Asia. While it is not unknown for quakes to occur in clusters, especially along a single fault line, these quakes are spread across a wide geologic area. While all took place in the Pacific "Ring of Fire," they were triggered in widely separated geologic zones.


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Another World Series Earthquake?

Will the next full moon produce the Big One? Some people are using the moon to predict the major earthquake that is due in California inevitably, while others are looking for signs like pets running away from home. Thirteen years ago a 6.9 magnitude quake shook San Francisco, postponing the third game of the World Series, and earthquake...

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Can We Predict The Big One?

Everyone in southern California is worried aboutearthquakes, and wonders when "The Big One" will hit.Geologists are trying to learn more about earthquakeprediction in Parkfield, California, the "earthquake capitalof the world." Stanford geologist Mark Zoback and his teamat the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have begundrilling a hole a...

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Weird Lights May Predict Earthquakes

Alberto Enriquez, in the Anchorage Daily News, writes that earthquakes don?t just cause the earth to move. They are accompanied by loud noises that broadcast at radio frequencies, and they can even produce a visible glow.

Radio interference was reported in the days before the worst quake recorded (magnitude 9.5), in Chile in 1961, as...

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Powerful Quake in Indonesia

An earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter Scale has just been recorded in the area of the Banda Sea in Indonesia. The Banda Islands and Spice Islands are located in this region.

This is the latest in a series of 6 and higher earthquakes to strike the Pacific Rim in recent weeks. Since October 11, there have been three such quakes. The...

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Vast Invisible Damage from Northwest Quake

The Northwest has discovered damage from an earthquake that happened over 3 months ago, on February 28?as well as one that occurred 12,000 years ago.

The recent 6.8 magnitude quake in Washington state was strong enough to crack the Capitol dome near Olympia. The entire city of Seattle slid about 5 millimeters northeast and Olympia...

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