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Another Strong Quake

A 7.5 earthquake occurred off the coast of New Zealand at3:39 this morning. This is the third strong earthquakeworldwide in the past month. There was a magnitude 7.6 quake onthe Kamchatka peninsula in Siberia on April 20, then a 7.9quake off the island of Tonga on May 3. Last night's greatquake was centered in the Kermadec Islands 500 miles NE...

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Earthquakes, Volcanic Activity High

In the past week, there has been widespreadearthquakeactivity, including a powerful quake that struck anisolated part of the Kamchatka Peninsula, and threevolcanoes have become active at the same time.

The Kamchatka quake, centered near the small community ofKoriakya, registered 7.7 on the Richter Scale. It took placeon April 21, and did...

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Quake Swarm Alert?Again

A swarm of 31 earthquakes in the Andaman sea has caused the Thai National Disaster Warning Center to put the Andaman Islands on earthquake alert. The center is concerned that the earthquake swarm could indicate an impending underwater volcanic eruption of the kind that led to the tsunami that swept the area in December, 2004.


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Is Japan's Mount Fuji About to Blow?

The absence of snow on the top of picturesque Mount Fuji inJapan was earlier attributed to global warming, but nowseismologists think it may be because the volcano is heatingup and may be getting ready toerupt.

The famous snow-capped mountain currently has no snow ontop, despite record snowfalls in the region. Seismologiststhink it could...

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How You Helped

In November, Whitley Strieber sent out an appeal on behalf of a Mercy Corps project to distribute urgently needed blankets in Pakistan after the recent earthquake there has left so many people homeless. Thanks to you, it succeeded beyond our wildest dreams!

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2 Major Quakes in 2 Days

Over the past two days, major earthqakes have struck inChina and Iran. The Chinese quake, which measured 5.5 on the Richter Scale, struck at 8:49 Saturday morning along theHubei-Jiangxi provincial border, a short distance from thecity of Jiujiang. It killed at least 17 people and leftthousands homeless. This morning, at least ten people were...

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Pakistan Quake: The Animals Knew

But then, as we've reported in the past, they always do. Animals and birds in Pakistan started strangely just before the first earthquake hit. Dogs started barking for no reason and packs of them began roaming in the streets. Cats were also restless and refused to eat and flocks of birds left their perches and flew into the sky. We've reported...

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Pakistan Quake: The Inside Story

The earthquake that devastated Pakistan on Saturday was acontinental scale tectonic event. It was followed by over adozen aftershocks and was the result of stresses built up bythe northward movement of the Indian Subcontinent. TheUnited States Geologic Service says, "much of thecompressional motion between these two colliding plates hasbeen and...

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Is CA Prepared for the Inevitable Earthquake?

After the experience with hurricanes Katrina and Rita, municipalities all over the country are reassessing their disaster preparations. In California, the main threats from nature are brush fires and earthquakes. The Santa Ana winds that arrive every October fan any flames that start into huge life threatening wildfires. But earthquakes are...

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Southern California Earthquake Swarm

An earthquake swarm is being reported by the US GeologicService Earthquake Hazards Program in the Brawley SeismicZone immediately south of the Salton Sea in southernCalifornia. The swarm began on August 28, and reached asustained level of higher activity (quakes in the 4.5-5.0region of intensity) on August 31. The swarm is continuingat this...

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Major Earthquake Overdue in Midwest

Residents of California who live along the San Andreas faultworry about earthquakes, while people in the Midwest arerelaxed about THAT problem anyway?but it turns out theyshouldn't be, because been discovered that 200 years ago, amassive earthquake caused damage from South Carolina toWashington D.C. and even temporarily reversed the directionof...

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Los Angeles Earthquake Danger

A fault has been discovered beneath the Los Angeles basinthat could generate an earthquake far more intense than hadpreviously been thought possible in the area. Expertsestimate that a magnitude 7.2 to 7.5 quake along the newlydiscovered Puente Hills fault could kill up to 18,000 peopleand leave hundreds of thousands homeless. The number...

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Our Restless Earth: Quake Levels Stay High

Earthquakes struck Tokyo, Sumatra and New Zealand yesterday,and an unusually high level of intense quakes continued inthe Indian Ocean area.

Dreamland guest Will Hart offers anInsightinto why this may be happening and what to expect in the future.

Geologists believe that the subduction zone along the floorof the Indian Ocean that...

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Seattle Fireball, Quake, Power Outage

Unknowcountry's Seattle correspondent reports that afireball moved slowly over the city at 7:47 PM on March 12. According to the US Geologic Survey, the area hadexperienced an earthquake rated at 3.3 on the Richter scalenine minutes earlier at 7:38. At 7:48PM, parts of downtownSeattle experienced a brief power outage.

The Pacific...

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It's Earthquake Week on Dreamland

It's earthquake week on Dreamland. We lead off with a reportfrom Linda Howe about the earthquake swarm that took placeoff the coast of Oregon last week. Does it mean a majorquake is on the way that could strike the Pacific Northwest?Linda has the best scientific information available. Thenindependent earthquake researcher Frank Condon spends...

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Powerful Quake Strikes Indonesia

Unknowncountry sources in Australia report that a powerfulearthquake has struck Indonesia. The quake took place at 4:04 PM PSTand was measured at 6.9 on the Richter scale. Because theepicenter was 8 miles deep, little damage was done on thesurface, but residents of the area were terrified of anothertsunami.

There are no reports of any...

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Nine Quakes Strike New Zealand, Japan

Seven earthquakes ranging up to 4.3 in intensity struck NewZealand's North Island within a few hours of each otherTuesday, while 6+ quakes struck off Japan's Honshu Islandand in Hokkaido. The quake of Honshu prompted the JapaneseMeteorological Agency to issue a tsunami warning, which waslater cancelled.

The most powerful New Zealand...

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A Good Reason for Earthquakes

It turns out earthquakes are not disasters, at least not asfar as the Earth is concerned. They recycle the Earth'scrust, which in turn produces a habitable planet, especiallyfor humans. Did you know that Earth is the only planet weknow about that has earthquakes?

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Personal Earthquake Dector May be Possible

Newswise - Individuals may soon have an inexpensive way to learn ofvolcanic and earthquake activity from their home orbusiness. Randall Peters, professor and chairman of theDepartment of Physics atMercer University, andJames Shirley, a scientist at NASA?s Jet PropulsionLaboratory, have designed a sophisticated but...

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Over a Hundred Thousand Dead...but NOT THE ANIMALS

Aid officials are beginning to say that over a hundredthousand people probably died in Sunday's Indian Oceantsunamis, but there are few animal corpses being found.Apparently the animals had forewarning of the oncoming wave,and sought higher ground before it struck.

Sri Lanka's Yala National Park was partially inundated bythe fast-moving...

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Earthquake Swarm Strikes China

China's earthquake prone Yunnan Province was struck by atotal of 47 earthquakes on Sunday. Reports from the arearemain sketchy, but one person has been confirmed killed and23 injured.

The quakes struck over a 17 hour period from Sunday and intoMonday. A number of the quakes exceeded 5.0 on the RichterScale.

In August, Yunnan was...

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World's Largest Quake in 4 Years Hits Off Tasmania

A massive earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter Scalestruck 600 miles off the Tasmanian coast this morning. Itwas the most powerful earthquake recorded on the planet inthe past four years.

The strongest quake ever recorded measured 9.2 on theRichter Scale. It struck Chile in 1960, killing 22,000.

The quake was felt throughout...

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Quake Swarm Under San Andreas Concerns Scientists

Geologists are recording continuous tremors deep under theSan Andreas Fault, according to an article published in thisweek's edition of Science Magazine.

A cluster of these tremors was observed before a significantquake last September, raising the possibility that they maybe precursors of larger events, and therefore a possiblepredictive...

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Strong Tides Can Trigger Earthquakes

Researchers at the University of California at Los Angelesand the National Research Institute for Earth Science andDisaster Prevention in Japan have confirmed a link betweenstrong tides and earthquakes. Using satellite imagery andhistorical earthquake records, the researchers found thatlarge earthquakes along coastal faults were three times...

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Doctors Can Predict Earthquakes

It's known that many animals become restless and noisybefore earthquakes. But medical doctors have begun torealize that people can predict earthquakes as well.

After the Spitak (Armenia) earthquake in 1989, which killed25,000 people, a survey found that the number of births andmiscarriages was five times the normal rate. The number...

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Earthquakes Coming?But When?

UCLA earthquake expert Vladimir Keilis-Borok predicted amajor quake in southern California last weekend?but itdidn't come. And global warming is causing rapidly meltingglaciers in Alaska, paving the way for future quakes.

In January, Keilis-Borok predicted there was a 50-50 chanceof a 6.4 magnitude or larger earthquake hitting a 12,...

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Earthquake Changed Yellowstone

An 7.9 earthquake in Alaska in 2002 set off 200 smaller earthquakes 2,000 miles away in Yellowstone National Park. Now scientists have discovered that it also changed the schedule of some of Yellowstone's geysers and hot springs, which are near where most of the quakes occurred.

Seismologist Robert B. Smith says, "We did not expect to...

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California Quake Predicted for September

In May, there will be a TV miniseries about a devastating quake in California that scientists say is too extreme to be real. But a U.S. geophysicist says a major earthquake will hit southern California by September 5th.

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Big Quake Scare for West Coast?on TV

An upcoming TV miniseries about a huge earthquake on the West Coast, which will air on NBC May 2 and 3, will scare people who live there, despite the fact that it has no basis in science, unlike The Day After Tomorrow, which will arrive in movie theaters on May 28 and is based on the science explained in The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell...

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Big Quakes Due for California & Israel

We recently wrote that a team of seismologists has discovered that microquakes in California?many of which can't even be felt?predict when a Big One is due. A team of scientists that has gotten earlier earthquake predictions right now expects a 6.4 magnitude or larger quake in the Southern California desert, somewhere between Mexico and Barstow...

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