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Earthquake in Chile Changed Spin of Earth

One earthquake leads to another, even if the places where they happen are far apart in both time and place. The massive, 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Chile Feb. 27 occurred in an offshore zone that was under increased stress caused by a 1960 quake of magnitude 9.5. Also, The massive 8.8 earthquake may have changed the entire Earth's...

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Earthquakes: More on the Way?

Besides the threat to the West Coast of the US, there could be more earthquakes on the way to the Caribbean in the near future, and not just aftershocks either.

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Big One Coming Right Here in the US!

UPDATE: Warning from CA Senator - The quake in Haiti didn't generate a tsunami, but we could be due for one right here in the US. There are only 2 places in the US where an earthquake could generate a gigantic wave of this type, and new studies show a quake in one of these could happen very soon.

There is an underwater...

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Haiti: Why No One Saw it Coming

No one in Haiti saw it coming because quakes in the Caribbean are hard to predict since most of the tectonic plate is below sea level.

Geoscientist Michele Cooke says, "This earthquake [was] not unexpected, which increases the tragedy of our current situation. We can only access the active faults where they are exposed on the islands."...

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Haiti: How Much Will We Help?

And why we may not help enough - The recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, which is a country of black people, reminds us that when assessing the amount of help someone needs, people's perceptions can be affected by their racial biases.

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Haiti Quake Dead Could Exceed 100,000

Update: 16 UN personnel confirmed dead, 150 missing. - Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive has announced that 'hundreds of thousands' of people were killed in the earthquake that struck Haiti yesterday. Measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale, the quake follows a 6.5 quake the previous day in Northern California, but there is...

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The Big One in Seattle?

Instead of CA? - Seismologists have long been predicted The Big One for California in the future. On January 9 a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck off the coast of northern California. The quake caused only minor damage, but is a sign of increasing instability in the area. However, some seismologists think that gigantic...

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When Will It Happen Again?

And how to predict it - There are strange things going on in the sky, but even stranger things are happening right here on Earth: It turns out that recent earthquakes, even major ones, may actually be aftershocks from quakes that occurred HUNDREDS of years ago. This is good news for some earthquake-prone areas in California and...

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Massive Quakes Strike Pacific

Another large quake on Vanuatu - A string of four earthquakes struck across the centralPacific today, all within an hour and a half of one another.The first one, with a magnitude of 7.8, hit at 9:03 AM localtime, (3:03PM PDT) beneath the open ocean 180 milesnorth-northwest of Vanuatu. 15 minutes later, a second quakewith a...

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One Quake Influences Another

Even if one of them happened in the past! - Can an earthquake that occurred in the past make one more likely to happen today in a place on the other side of the earth? The surprising answer is yes.

The 2004 earthquake in Sumatra may have weakened the San Andreas fault across the earth in California. Researchers who...

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Parma Strikes Luzon, More Rain for Manila

Update: More Flooding Possible - Last week, Typhoon Ketsana deluged Manila and the central Philippines, leaving at least 240 dead and 400,000 homeless, and challenging both governmental and private relief services beyond the breaking point. And now it could get worse asTyphoon Parma slams ashore north of Manila, sparing the...

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4 Quakes Strike Pacific off Baja, and Gulf of California

UPDATE - A swarm of 4 significant to strong earthquakes struck thewestern Pacific off Mexico and the Gulf of California today.The strongest was an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter Scale, which struck 76miles off the coast of Baja California this morning and wasfelt strongly in San Diego, where buildings were evacuated,...

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An Invisible Cloak for Buildings

How to protect buildings from earthquake damage? Throw an invisibility cloak around them! New research shows that it is possible to develop an "invisibility cloak" to protect buildings from earthquakes. The seismic waves produced by earthquakes include body waves which travel through the earth and surface waves which travel across it. The new...

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Prediction: Big CA Earthquake coming SOON

UPDATE...or maybe it's the recent swarm of small quakes instead - The geologist who predicted the San Francisco earthquake of 1989 says another California quake is on the way?and SOON.Be thankful that someone new will be running FEMA soon!

The Ventura County Star quotes Jim Berkland as saying, "The first seismic window...

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Predicting the Big One

It sure would be a relief for folks in California if they could predict the big one some OTHER way than looking for swarms of frogs. Soon they may be able to.

Researchers have found that stress-induced changes occurred in rocks a few hours before two small quakes in the San Andreas Fault area.

BBC News quotes researcher Paul...

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Will China Earthquake Lead to Quakes in Other Places? California? - China is relaxing its one-child policy for victims of the May 12 earthquake, which killed more than 65,000 people, many of them children. Close to 25,000 people are still missing. And a new study shows that large earthquakes routinely trigger smaller quakes worldwide, including on the opposite side of the...

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Frogs Swarmed in China Before the Quake--Now It's California

In the days prior to the gigantic earthquake that devastatedSichuan province in China, oddswarmsof frogs were seen inthe streets of cities in the area, and have subsequentlybeen identified as unusual animal behavior of the type thatis thought by some geologists to precede earthquakes. Now ithas developed that similar frog appearances have been...

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Would It be as Bad Here?

What if a severe quake struck in the U.S? - The death toll from the recent 7.9 earthquake in China my eventually reach half a million, many of them children. Seismologists say that an earthquake is overdue in the Los Angeles area?could it be that bad here?

The recent China quake was relatively shallow, which cause the...

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China Quake Kills Thousands

Update: Toll reaches 10,000 people - An earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter Scale struckcentral Sichuan Province in China today, causing thousandsof deaths and vast property damage. The conventional wisdom among experts is that earthquakesare not interconnected around the world, however greatquakes often seem to come in...

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Why LA Has Not Yet Experienced THE BIG ONE

When it comes to California earthquakes, the Los Angeles basin appears to be in a seismic "lull" right now, characterized by relatively smaller and infrequent earthquakes. By contrast, the Mojave Desert is in a seismically active period, suggesting that seismic activity alternates between the two regions. Seismologist James Dolan says, "When we...

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Earthquakes Shake the Planet

At 2:10 PM today GMT, a 6.0 earthquake struck Tanzania andwas felt as far away as Kenya, meaning that Mexico, Peru,Japan and Tanzania have now all been struck by powerfulquakes since July 5. The most serious damage has taken place in Japan, where two 6+ earthquakes have caused extensive damage, killed nine people, and resulted in radiation...

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Earthquake Recovery

We've told you how cars of the future may be able to fix their own dents. Now it turns out that houses of the future may be able to repair their own earthquake damage. This could be important, since scientists have discovered a set of massive faults in the US Midwest that caused a series of devastating earthquakes 200 years ago?and could do it...

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Does Rain Lead to Earthquakes?

"April showers bring May flowers"?but do they also bring earthquakes? There seemed to be no connection to these two phenomena?until now.

In New Scientist, Michael Reilly report on the research of Lizet Christiansen, who works for the US Geological Survey. She analyzed over five thousand low to medium-strength earthquakes that occurred...

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Earthquakes Reshape the Earth

The world is about to change in a big way?the continents are being rearranged by earthquakes. One scientist says, "We don't precisely know what is going to happen, but we believe that it may turn parts of Northern Ethiopia and Eritrea into an island, before a much larger land mass?the horn of Africa?breaks off from the continent."


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Earthquakes Today in the US & Italy

Two years ago, we reported that an 7.9 earthquake in Alaska in 2002 set off 200 smaller earthquakes 2,000 miles away in Yellowstone National Park that changed the schedule of some of Yellowstone's geysers. Now another swarm of quakes is rattling Yellowstone. A quake measuring 5.7 on the Richter Scale has just struck off the coast of Sicily, but...

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Big Hawaii Quake: Gov. Declares Disaster

Update - An earthquake struck the Big Island of Hawaii this morning,knocking out power and raising the possibility of largewaves in the area, but the United States Geologic Surveysaid there was no chance of a Pacific Tsunami. GovernorLinda Lingle declared the Big Island a disaster area onSunday afternoon. Residents reported...

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Strong Earthquake Today in Gulf of Mexico

The USGS reports a 6.0 earthquake at 8:57 AM Central Time thismorning in the Gulf of Mexico. The quake took place in anarea not normally associated with earthquake activity, andis one of the strongest quakes ever recorded in the Gulf. Residents along the Louisana and Florida gulf coasts felt the tremor, but no damage was reported as the quake's...

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Major CA Quake on the Way

Is California prepared for a major earthquake? Seismologists say the "big one" is on the way, and this time it will hit Los Angeles.

Yuri Fialko of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, who is investigating the San Andreas Fault, has produced a new prediction for the earthquake potential of the fault?s southern, highly populated section....

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Strange Earth Changes

Besides the tragic earthquake in Indonesia, there are other strange and ominous changes going on in the earth. A rumbling volcano on a South Pacific island has puzzled scientists by changing the water in a lake from blue to bright red. A cliff in India has suddenly exploded like a volcano, spewing out rocks and debris. And geologists have...

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Indonesia Quake Catastrophe

UPDATE: A 6.2 quake struck Papua-New Guiinea Saturday night.The area it hit is sparsely populated and there arecurrently no reports of damage or injuries. The Indonesianquake, also 6.2 on the Richter Scale, struck at 5:53AM local time Friday in a heavily populated area of Java, and isbelieved to have taken at least 6,000 lives and injured2,000...

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