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San Francisco: Next Big Quake Could Be Imminent

As San Francisco commemorates the 25th anniversary of its last serious quake this week, a new report has warned that the city could once again be sitting on top of a ticking seismic time bomb.

Scientists tracking the movements of four highly stressed seismic faults that form part of the Bay Area’s densely populated San Andreas...
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Scientists Warn of Major Earthquake Risk Off Californian Coast

 Los Angeleans were given an unexpected alarm call from Mother Nature on Monday morning as an earthquake shook the city at around 6.25am.

The earthquake was initially graded at 4.7 on the Richter scale, but this reading was reduced to 4.4 a short time later.The areas bearing the brunt of the shaking were Santa Monica, Beverly...
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Fukushima: Risk of Future Massive Quakes in NW Pacific

Scientists have discovered the cause of the earthquake that caused the devastating tsunami in Japan in March 2011, and evidence suggests that there is a threat of future massive quakes in the same area.

The devastating tsunami that struck Japan’s Tohoku region in March 2011 was touched off by a submarine earthquake far more...
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When the Ocean Boils...

Shortly after the Tohoku Megathrust Earthquake struck off the coast of Japan on March 11, 2011, something strange happened in Norway. People watched in astonishment and fear as tight wave action in the normally quiet fjords made them appear to boil. The water became roiled with 5 foot waves in the Auruland-Flam Fjord, and the condition waxed...
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Can We Predict Quakes Like We Can Predict the Weather?

People have been trying to predict earthquakes (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) for thousands of years. Twenty-three hundred years ago,...
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Slow Motion Disaster

A process that began 50 million years ago-- the slow motion breakup of the Indo-Australian tectonic plate into two pieces--isn't over yet. In fact, they think it caused the two massive April 11 earthquakes beneath the Indian Ocean off the coast...
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Fukushima Caused Cracks in the Ocean Floor

Submarine images have revealed that the Fukushima quake opened up cracks in the ocean floor as big as 6 feet wide. What effect this may have on future quakes in the area is unknown.

Coincidentally, shortly before the quake, researchers had taken photos of the same area of the seafloor where the crust would later rupture, leading to a...
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Do Recent Foreign Quakes Mean They'll Happen Here Soon?

It's been proven that an earthquake in one place can "trigger" a quake on the other side of the planet. This helps scientists who study earthquakes predict when...
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Climate Change: More Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Climate change brings along a couple of companions: Volcano eruptions and earthquakes....
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Data From Japan Shows Big Quake Coming to West Coast of US

Scientists who are studying the Fukushima earthquake have uncovered data that predicts a "big one" in the Pacific Northwest, along the coasts of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

The Fukushima quake was precipitated by what is called the "Tohoku area" of underwater plates. On the Weatherbug site, Sandi...
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More Evidence That Fracking Causes Quakes

Geologists say that recent earthquakes in Ohio and Oklahoma are directly linked to deep wells that were used to dispose of liquid wastes produced by the hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" of natural gas. At least 177 similar disposal wells are located...
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Is California Next?

One earthquake leads to another, and California may be the next in line for a devastating earthquake, based on one particular indicator: the recent...
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Not Yet Time to Take Iodine

Are we in danger from radiation blowing our way from melted power plants in Japan? The reality is that the Japanese are the ones who have to worry. It turns out that even a major multiple meltdown in Japan is unlikely to have much of an effect here. Regarding...
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More Earthquakes Coming?

We've had so many earthquakes lately--is this a trend? Will there be more quakes in the future? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen...
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Japanese Radiation May Blow Our Way

The Japanese government has claimed that radioactive material from its stricken power plants has not traveled more than 20 miles from the plants, but the US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan has had to clean radioactive material off its decks while 60 miles out to sea. Sailors on deck have received a month's worth of radiation in a day, as they...
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Japan Quake Moved the Earth

It happened again: The earthquake that hit Japan moved the island nation 8 feet and shifted the Earth on its axis by almost 4 inches. Japan is prone to earthquakes, but this was the most powerful one to hit the country in recorded history. Japan is part of the...
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UPDATE: Explosion at Fukushima #3 Reactor.

Despite the frantic efforts of nuclear engineers, there has been a second explosion in the Fukujima Nuclear Power Station as an explosion has taken place in the third of the six reactors in the system. It is not yet known exactly what caused the explosion or what sort of radiation release, if any, is involved. While some of the radioactive fuel...

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Earthquakes: Big Economic Impact--on U.S. as Well

Earthquake and the tsunamis they cause are not only devasting to the countries hit. Since we now have a global economy, they can affect the rest of the world monetarily as well. Earthquake expert Thomas D. O'Rourke says, "The massive 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan will have a major INTERNATIONAL impact. Tsunamis have caused massive damage in...
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Iceland: Now it's Earthquakes!

Iceland doesn't just have volcanoes under its massive ice sheets, it has earthquake swarms as well. Since earthquakes often set off volcanoes, this makes sense. There have been over 400 earthquakes...
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It Could Happen Here

The 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand on Feb. 22 demonstrates the vulnerability of urban centers with important lessons for the US. And a 30 million ton block of ice sheared off a New Zealand glacier just minutes after the violent earthquake there. Civil engineer Thomas D. O'Rourke says, "Some reasons for the...
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Iceland Eruption: Even BIGGER This Time

The volcano that erupted in Iceland last year and disrupted the world's air traffic is about to do it again. Volcanologists say that Eyjafjallajokull threatens to send out a cloud of dust and it could even set off a swarm of earthquakes around the world. The February 8th...
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Nukes & Earthquakes

As US policy makers renew emphasis on the use of nuclear energy in their efforts to reduce the country’s oil dependence, other factors come into play. One concern of paramount importance is the seismic hazard at the site where nuclear reactors are located.
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Big One May be Coming Soon

Research turns up more amazing speculations all the time: New studies reveal that major quakes shake Southern California about every 88 years, which is THREE times as often than seismologists previously thought they did. This means that the area is OVERDUE for a massive quake along the San Andreas fault.

For years, scientists thought...

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The quiet, stealthy ones - What's quiet but sneaks up on you? California's San Andreas fault is notorious for repeatedly generating major earthquakes and for being on the brink of producing the next big one in a heavily populated area. But the famously violent fault also has quieter sections, where rocks easily slide against...

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Big One Coming

Unexpected things are happening: Because an earthquake anywhere in the world can set off another, even on the other side of the globe, scientists are predicting that a major earthquake, similar to the one that hit Chile and Haiti, has more than a one-in-three chance of striking the Pacific Northwest within the next 50 years.


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What Frogs Can Teach Us

Amphibians don't just teach us how to stay married, they can also predict earthquakes. Biologists have discovered the common toads can sense an impending earthquake because they have been seen to flee their underground colonies days before one strikes. Other animals that seem to sense quakes, such as fish, mice and snakes, do so shortly before...

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To Predict Future Quakes

Use an army of home computers! - Thousands of personal laptops have helped to listen for SETI signals and search for Dark Matter. No matter what is causing these quakes, seismologists want to use home computers to detect them early, so they can warn people about them.

Earth scientist Elizabeth Cochran wants Every...

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Earthquake: UPDATE

What to do in case one hits you - Whether or not it has something to do with that mysterious machine known as Haarp, there have been earthquakes all over the world lately, and we've posted an Insight that tells you what to do in case YOU'RE in one. Also, seismologists say that the recent quake in Nebraska was a result of the...

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Chilean Earthquake moved THREE Cities

Here's earthshaking news: The earthquake in Chile not only changed the spin of the Earth, it moved an entire city 10 feet to the west.

In In, Betsy Mason reports that GPS measurements reveal that not only did the city of Concepcion move 10 feet, the capital of Chile, Santiago, moved 11 inches west. Even Buenos Aires, which is...

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Why was there No Tsunami?

The earthquake in Chile was so strong that it changed the tilt of the Earth's axis, but it did NOT produce the huge waves (tsunamis) that scientists were worried about. Why not?

Large tsunamis were reported along Chile's coastline, but they did not cross the Pacific and inundate the West Coast of the US. In contrast to this a 9.5...

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