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Dust Can be Dangerous

In a study of 31 Boston offices, PBDE flame retardants, which are now banned internationally by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, were detected in every one. Researchers think the concentrations of PBDEs in office dust are linked to levels of the chemicals on the HANDS of the office workers, and they think this is a good...
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Dust to Dust

Did you clean up for holiday guests? Some of that dust may have traveled a LONG distance to get to your house. And the amount of dust in your house or apartment is a good predictor of climate change.
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Unique Cleaning Problem

Huge solar panels get DUSTY! - Imagine having to dust objects the size of 25 to 50 football fields. That's the problem facing companies that deploy large-scale solar power installations, which is why scientists have come up with the solution: self-dusting solar panels. Hey, somebody seems to have done it on Mars!


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Danger of Dust

We've written before about how dust blowing from China can change the weather in California. Now researchers have begun tracking a huge dust plume they believe they might affect clouds and weather across thousands of miles while playing a role in global warming.

Scientists are using high tech aircraft to study plumes of airborne dust and...

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Dust Mystery Solved

Two weeks ago, we posted a story about a mysterious white dust that was blanketing the Seattle area. It was described as as thick as snow, and reminded people of the volcanic dust from the Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980. Now researchers think they know what it is.

Local resident Carol White took samples of the dust to Liz Amdall at...

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Mystery Dust in Seattle Area

Dust can be dangerous. In Redmond, Washington, a mysterious white dust has settled on everything, and residents want to know what it is.

On the King5 news website, Jane McCarthy quotes Redmond resident Bey Braun a saying that it?s "kind of volcanic. It reminded me of when Mount St. Helens blew." She quotes Beth Marcey as saying that she?...

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Dust (Continued)

Dust can be both good and bad: dangerous dust is flying all around the world, affecting both people and animals.Dust from space may have seeded life throughout the universe. Two huge dust storms on the planet Jupiter have been raging for years.

Bjorn Carey writes in that dust clouds blowing across the Atlantic Ocean may be...

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Exposing children early in life to dust may actually protect them from developing asthma, rather than triggering it. If that's the case, there must be very little asthma in China, which is home to fierce recurring dust storms that blow dangerous debris halfway across the earth.

Netherlands researcher Dr. Jeroen Dowes found that childrens...

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Olympics in the Desert?

There's a dust bowl growing in China that's far bigger than the one that hit the U.S. in the 1930s. It's so big it was being studied from space?how dust affects global warming was one of the science projects on board the shuttle Columbia. China fought hard to have the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing, but now they're worried that the city will be...

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Bacteria Reaches Florida in African Dust

African dust clouds that cross the Atlantic into south Florida during the dry season every year, producing beautiful sunsets, may harbor dangerous bacteria and fungi that are dangerous to inhale.

The dust originates in the Sahara Desert and contains fine particles of dry topsoil. It is transported by winds and can be carried more than 10...

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Massive Chinese Dust Cloud Sweeps Across U.S.

If you think the air is hazier than usual, you're right: a massive cloud of dust containing bits of rock, dinosaur fossils and even particles of mummies is floating over the United States. It also contains carbon dioxide, arsenic, sulfur, ozone, flurocarbons and the greenhouse gases that causeglobal warming. "There's hundreds of tons of dust in...

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