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Billboard Messages Affect Your Driving

There's a billboard up ahead, a roadside sign full of language and imagery. You become emotionally distracted, and guess what happens next?

One researcher has discovered that language used on billboards can provoke an emotional response that affects our...
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What to Watch (and NOT to Watch) Before You Make That Long Drive

Don't set off for that long Thanksgiving holiday drive after watching a horror movie. People's driving behaviors can be subtly influenced by emotionally charged images, and research has shown that people often drive more recklessly after viewing an action movie and more cautiously after seeing a relaxing film.

In the November 20th...
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Not Yet Ready for the Road

Having a hard time parallel parking? Press a button on a touch screen and let the car park itself. This isn't just a dream, but a reality--that really could happen in the...
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Wild Video Games Produce Reckless Drivers

Psychologists have long argued about whether or not video games are dangerous for kids, but thing's for sure: They're bad for their DRIVING skills. And with the majority of fatal auto accidents involving teens, this is not good news.

Teens who play mature-rated...
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Can Teen Cars Drive Themselves?

The teenaged brain is not yet fully formed, which may be the reason why teens have the greatest percentage of auto accidents. Before they buy their kid a car, many parents would like to...
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Vets Having Trouble Behind the Wheel

Our Iraq and Afghanistan war vets are coming home with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disease), and due to the roadside bombs they encountered when they were abroad, many of them are having trouble...
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What's Wrong With These People?

Whether or not cell phones are dangerous to their users, they're dangerous to the REST OF US when drivers talk or...
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Driving Problems

You know it's dangerous to drive while talking on your cell phone (in many places this is now illegal). Now scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) are keeping you safe by testing a system in the Detroit area that will help you drive in bad weather by passing along information from other drivers about black ice, fog,...

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