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The Secret World of Dreams

The mysterious realm of the dream world has intrigued the human mind for millennia, but what is the secret behind these enigmatic and sometimes very powerful experiences of the psyche?

Science views dreams merely as the result of activity in certain areas of the brain during sleep, but the more esoterically-minded view them as...
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Dreamland: Secrets of Our Founding Fathers

Our founding fathers enacted an ancient vision of tolerance,moderation and freedom when they created the United Statesof America. Where did thisvisioncome from, and what are the threats that challenge it now?On this weekend'sDreamland,William Henry brings his deep knowledge to thissubject, which has never been more important, since interestin...

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Dream Machine

The Japanese company Takara, which invented decoders to help you understand what your cat and dog are "saying," has invented a product which lets you create you own dreams.

The first step is recording your future dream by describing it to a special tape recorder. When you're asleep, the recorder senses when your body is...
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What our Dreams Tell Us

Do our dreams give us messages from our bodies about health problems we may not be aware of? The ancient Greeks thought that dreams contained information that could be used to diagnose disease. With some diseases, specific dreams are more likely to occur; however, people who have the most severe cases of these diseases often say they don't...

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