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Dreamland Now Available

Due to an error, Dreamland was not posted at the usual timeon The show, featuring Robert Temple'slatest research on the Sphinx, is now available by clickingon "Listen Now" beside the Dreamland Radio logo on theright side of our masthead. Subscribers had a wonderful chat with Joseph Farrell on Saturday morning. Join us next...

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Going...Going...Gone Soon

Anne & Whitley will be there too! - Whitley will still be doing the majority of interviews on Dreamland, but we have a NEW guest host who starts this weekend, and you can meet her in person on January 18-20, at the Lake Marcos Resort and Country Club in San Diego, when Dreamland guest Maureen Caudill, the author of Suddenly...

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Dreamland is now streaming normally. Enjoy!

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Dreamland Intermittent Outages

Dreamland is experiencing intermittent outages. If youattempt to access the stream and get a "ready" notice inyour Windows Media Player, please try again. Once the streamstarts, it will continue normally. We are working to resolvethis issue. The stream is not overpopulated with listeners.The problem is a technical one.

NOTE: This...

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Anne's Diary: "Dear Curmudgeon"

This week on Dreamland Anne Strieber is back! Jim Kunstler is one of her favorite people, and she interviews him in a special edition of Dreamland. Her brilliance, wit and that warm voice are back--and it's a great interview! In her new diary, she writes excerpts from their recent email conversations.

NOTE: This news story,...

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Dreamland Service Notice

The Dreamland server outage has been repaired, and the last four programs are once again available for free listening from, and the most recent program is available for free Podcast. Click on the words "Listen Now" on the right side of the masthead to listen to Dreamland.

NOTE: This news story, previously...

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Mysteries of the Past & Present

This weekend on Dreamland, Whitley talks to Barbara Hand Clow, author of Catastro-phobia, the Pleiadian Agenda and many other best selling books in our store, who updates us on the actual state of oil reserves, based on her research, and tells us what people who are involved in a spiritual search can do to directly affect the coming changes....

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Gordon Michael Scallion on Dreamland

Legendary and controversial prophet of earth changes GordonMichael Scallion has been saying for many years that a greatearthquake in the Indian Ocean would herald a long period ofplanetary unrest. That earthquake has taken place, so whatdoes Mr. Scallion think now? To listen, click on the word"Dreamland" on the right side of our masthead.

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Powerful UFO Case on Dreamland This Week

Update: Read the transcript of Mark's live chat subscribers.Clickhere. And while you're at it, get in on the fun andsubscribe!

Dr. Mark Olson is almost unique among close encounterwitnesses because he not only has experiences and is amember of a family with a long history of them, he has seenand videotaped UFOs...

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Whitley Back on Dreamland

Whitley Strieber returns to Dreamland this week with anexplosive interview with Loren Coleman about his white-hotnew book,the CopycatEffect. Loren's research proves that the media is one ofthe primary engines causing ultra-violence in our society.

Loren will present case after case of ultra-violence thatactually started with lurid media...

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Dreamland Now on Shortwave Radio

You can listen to Dreamland for free anytime, by clicking "Listen Now" on our masthead, and subscribers can burn it onto a CD, and listen anywhere. But if you still like radio listening best, you'll be glad to know that Dreamland will be on LGPRN, Lou Gentile's Paranormal Radio Network, which is part of IBC Radio Network. You can hear it on...

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It's Jim Marrs Week on Dreamland

This week we have two interviews with one of your favorite authors, conspiracy expert Jim Marrs. He talks with Whitley starting Saturday about his new book on the conspiracies behind 911. And he has a special interview about aliens on the subscribers section.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have...

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The Show You've Been Waiting For!

Whitley Strieber's interview with Wayne Dyer will be available this Saturday on Dreamland. Dyer's new book, Getting in the Gap, tells about an wonderful new meditation, based on the 1st ten words of the Lord's Prayer. Whitley tried it and it works! Many of you have already purchased the book (and more will arrive at our store any day). Now you...

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Imagine Listening?

?To the fascinating interviews on Dreamland in your car, in bed or in your living room, with your feet up and a cup of coffee by your side?instead of having to sit at your computer. Listeners have been asking to download Dreamland for years, but it uses up too much expensive bandwidth, so we couldn't do it. But now you can download Dreamland if...

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Listen to Dreamland in Your Car (and Save 10% on our Store!)

Usage of increased by another million hits in February, and we'd like to thank all of you for your support, and welcome all of our new users. We are planning a whole new look for the website, with expanded offerings. Success is wonderful, but it costs a lot in the internet world and, frankly, Unknowncountry runs in the red....

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The Broadcast Failed?But Not Our Computer!

A half hour into our Dec. 21 Dreamland broadcast with Linda Howe and Sarv Bluestone, the ISDN line failed, and Premiere had to play a tape of an earlier show. But our computer kept on, and we recorded the whole show, which is now available by clicking "Listen Now" on our masthead. Linda talks about the mysterious Brazilian UFO case and the...

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First Online Dreamland Available Now

Dreamland Online is on the air--the internet air, that is. This week, the broadcast Dreamland was on tape, and the NEW show is online for the first time. It's available for your listening pleasure right now by clicking "Listen Now" on the upper right hand side of the masthead. One of Dreamland's most popular guests, Andrew Collins, talks about...

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Why Dreamland Can Never Be Killed

In his new Journal entry, Whitley writes: ?Art called me about a month ago to tell me that Premiere was using the occasion of his retirement to cancel Dreamland. This did not surprise me?There are more than a few reasons for (Clear Channel?s) lack of support of Dreamland?The first reason is that, while the show has been popular with listeners,...

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Dreamland Archive Fixed

Our June 8 radio archive actually played the June 1 show this weekend, but it has now been fixed. If you click "Listen Now" at the top of our page, you can hear Michael Glickman's and Linda Howe's crop circle reports and J.H. Brennan on occult Tibet and time travel.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site,...

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Dreamland Audio Archives Back!

After a week's outage caused by server access problems, Live365 is back online and Dreamland is accessible again by clicking on the "Listen Here" button under the logo on the top right of this page.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Dreamland Back Online

Effective immediately, Dreamland returns to the internet in the form of an audio archive. This archive will normally be posted immediately after the program on Saturday at 11 Pacific Time. It will never be posted later than Monday.

At present, last week's program is available. Four weeks of programming will ultimately be archived on the...

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