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More new species found including dolphins and a "purring monkey"

More new species found including dolphins and a "purring monkey"

 Following the discovery of a 'Lost world' full of unknown species in an unexplored Australian rainforest last week, a team of researchers working for the Wildlife Conservation Society, the American Museum of Natural History, and numerous other groups have found a species of humpback dolphin previously unknown to science swimming in the...
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Dolphins on the Attack

The Ukraine has trained dolphins to be attack animals, ready to go after enemy swimmers, wearing knives on their noses. The Soviet Union originated this program, and turned over to Ukraine after the Cold War. The program includes training dolphins to search for underwater mines and mark them with buoys.

On the website,...
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Dolphins Being Hurt by Power Plant Emissions

Amid growing concerns about the spread of harmful mercury in plants and animals, a new study compared levels of the chemical in captive dolphins with dolphins found in the wild. The captive...
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Can we relate to dolphins? Or should we leave them alone?

Some researchers think we should leave them alone, but biologist Denise L. Herzing, who is the world's leading authority on dolphins and has been studying them for 25 years, believes in relating to them. In the September 20th edition of the New York Times, Erik Olsen quotes...
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Dolphins Heal Themselves--Maybe We Can Too

Scientists have discovered that dolphin wounds heal up wonderfully quickly and want to figure out how human wounds can heal the same way. Marine researchers are amazed at how quickly dolphins manage to heal the wounds caused by severe shark bites. Wounds larger than a...
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What are Dolphins Talking About?

Bottlenose dolphins and beluga whales accumulate more chemical pollutants in their bodies when they live and feed in waters near...
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Dolphin Talk

Two different species of dolphins-- Bottlenose and Guyana--often meet in the waters off the coast of Costa Rica. Bottlenose dolphins emit longer, lower frequency calls, while the Guyana dolphins use higher frequency whistles (it's the equivalent of a French speaker and an...
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Dining on Whale Meat

While dolphin hunting doc. wins Oscar - We recently posted an article about whales and dolphins being in danger and told about how a film about a Japanese dolphin hunt won the academy award for best documentary. It turns out that, despite this, a California restaurant served a group of Oscar nominees illegal sushi made of whale...

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Dolphins & Whales in Danger

Which means WE'RE in danger too! - Dolphins may need legal rights in order to stay alive! At this point, it's almost a moral issue, which is even more urgent since new medical discoveries show how much we NEED these creatures. Also, it has now been discovered that killing whales is not only bad for the creatures being...

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Should Dolphins Have Legal Rights?

Biologists say that dolphins are the world's second most intelligent creatures (after human beings), and some dolphin advocates say that they should even be give legal rights as "non-human persons." On this week's Revelations, William Henry's guest agrees with this. Is this one of the trends we will see in the future?

These people say...

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Soapy Dolphins

Dolphins are dying from lots of different causes, and one of the strangest of these is soap.

Germ-killing antibacterial soaps, such as the kind often used to wash dishes, are being misused and can even lead to superbug infections in people. But they're even worse for dolphins: As the suds flow into the oceans, the main substance in them...

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Dolphin Rescue

Recently, a dolphin rescued 2 beached whales. But who will save dolphins from being caught in fishing nets? Ironically, the same sonar that probably beached those whales may help save the dolphins. Two beached whales?a mother and her calf?were recently stranded on a New Zealand beach. Rescuers desperately tried to push them back into the ocean...

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Did Dolphins Once Walk on Land?

We have recently reported that both dolphins and elephants may be self-aware beings, like humans. Scientists think that dolphins and whales, which live in the water despite breathing air, evolved onto land, but then RETURNED to the water, because they liked it better there. Now scientists may have found a missing link that proves this theory of...

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Dolphins Know Their Own Names

Intelligent animals, like dogs and cats, recognize their names. A parrot will generally tell you his name if you ask him. But dolphins do even more?they give THEMSELVES names, then they send that name out through the depths of the ocean in order to tell other dolphins "hello."

A dolphin's name may sound like a series of whistles to us,...

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Dolphin Therapy Cures Depression

It has sometimes been dismissed as a New Age cure, and animal rights people sometimes complain that it's not good for the dolphins, but it turns out that swimming with dolphins really does fight depression better than drugs and lasts longer, according to doctors.

Researchers allowed a group of patients to swim and snorkel with dolphins...

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Dolphins Sing Batman Theme

Dolphins in Florida have been trained to sing the theme from the movie "Batman." They have been taught to combine both rhythm and vocalizations to produce an extremely high-pitched, but recognizable, version of the Batman song.

Jennifer Viegas writes in Discovery News that researcher Heidi Harley did just do this for fun--it's the first...

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Dolphins Save People from Sharks

Strange animal behavior has been on the rise, and now a podof dolphins, acting in an organized way, has saved a groupof swimmers from a great white shark.

The pod of dolphins circled the swimmers off the coast ofNew Zealand, herding them in a tight circle, then swimmingaround them. The swimmers soon noticed that there was agreat white...

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Like Water Going Down the Drain

We're not sure if water goes down the drain in ananticlockwise direction above the equator and in a clockwisedirection below it (or vice-versa), but scientists DO saythat dolphins in the northern hemisphere swim inanticlockwise circles, while dolphins in the southernhemisphere swim in clockwise circles.

Emma Marris writes in

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Dolphin DNA Close to Human

Seema Kumar, of Discovery Channel Online, writes that scientists have discovered that the genetic make-up of dolphins is amazingly similar to humans. They're closer to us than cows, horses or pigs, despite the fact that they live in the water.

"The extent of the genetic similarity came as a real surprise to us," says David Busbee of...

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Dolphin Defector

On March 26, we reported that the U.S. has imported specially trained dolphin recruits to Iraq to locate underwater mines. They now have their first dolphin defector, since one of them has gone AWOL. Takoma disappeared during his first military assignment.

Takoma and his partner Makai were videoed as they somersaulted over an inflatable...

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Dolphin Recruits

Atlantic Bottle-Nosed Dolphins have arrived in Iraq from San Diego to act as mine detectors. They arrived at the southern Iraqi port of Umm Qasr, which has been secured by U.S and British forces. They will help make sure the coastline is free from mines before humanitarian aid shipments dock there. This isn't a suicide mission?the dolphins have...

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