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What Makes Us Love Dogs? Those EYES!

Researchers at the Companion Animal Research Lab at Azabu University in Japan have found that dogs have found a way to tap into a human bonding mechanism, specifically through the hormone 'oxytocin'. Oxytocin is typically released when a parent gazes at a newborn infant, and with other child-rearing and group-related activities, strengthening...
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Why Do Dogs Poop In Alignment With The Earth's Magnetic Field?

It has long been recognised that birds use the Earth's magnetic field (MF) for navigational purposes, but a recent study published in Frontiers in Zoology has uncovered a rather more unexpected animal response to this enigmatic MF energy.

It transpires that, when they stoop to poop, dogs prefer to align their bodies to the north-south...
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The Agony of the Dogs

Dogs are not only considered a delicacy in Vietnam, they are slaughtered with intentional cruelty because the adrenaline this produces in the suffering animal improves the flavor. Dogs are...
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What Dogs Know About Us

The National Geographic website reports that when a researcher put 84 dogs in separate rooms with food on the floor and told each dog to leave the food alone, their response varied according to whether or not the light was on. The dogs were four times as likely to steal the food--and steal it quickly--when the room was dark.

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Print Your Next Pet

Why adopt a pet from the pound when you can print out any kind of pet you want? Three-dimensional printing can make objects ranging from violins to pilotless aircraft, so why not a unique pet, designed especially for you.

The Economist writes: "The idea of printing organs such as kidneys for transplant has been around for...
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Scientists Have Created a Fluorescent Dog

We've heard of fluorescent chicken (an effect probably caused by bacteria), but glowing dogs? Would these be used for hunting at night? South Korean scientists have created a glowing dog using a...
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Brush Your DOG'S Teeth Too!

Get your dog ready for that Christmas party: Buy him a nice red sweater and BRUSH HIS TEETH! The problem isn't just bad breath: By the age of 3, about 80% of dogs and 70% of cats already have gum disease...
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Homeland Security to Use Double-Nosed Dogs

Double-Nosed Dogs have long been popular in the Americansouth for their exceptional abilities at sniffing out smallgame, and now the breed's abilities have caused it to beadopted by US HomelandSecurity as America's official preferred dog for contrabandsniffing. As a result, Double Noses are increasingly beingseen in airports across the country...

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Tiny Dogs

We love those tiny lapdogs, but how did they get so small, anyway?

Soon after humans began domesticating dogs 12,000 to 15,000 years ago, they started breeding them small. Now scientists have identified a piece of doggy DNA that reduces the activity of a growth gene, ensuring that small breeds stay small. It's next to a gene known as...

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Dogs Stolen for Use in Dog Fights

Chewed, discarded bodies of dogs have been found for years in the Arizona desert. Now local sheriffs have learned these are pets that were stolen and used as "bait" in dog fights.

Maryann Mott writes in the National Geographic News about Mike Duffey, of the Pima County Sheriff's Department, who followed the clues after he was assigned to...

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