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Mom's Makeup Can be Dangerous

It's now known that heavy metal pollution of the kind emitted by cars and power plants leads to autism in babies born with a genetic sensitivity to it. This is going to create a huge groundswell in the US for cleaning up emissions of dangerous gases. Now a common chemical compound used in the manufacture of beauty products has been linked to...

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Plants Bypass Bad Genes?Can We Do It Too?

Newswise - In the mid-1800s, a monk named Gregor Mendel experimentedwith bean plants and developed the first scientific laws ofinheritance. These ideas have been accepted by science forover 100 years, but now they've suddenly been eclipsed by anew study, showing that plants can inherit genes carried bytheir grandparents, rather...

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Burglar Snacks

How to catch that burglar who made off with your stereo? Thepolice have a new way to do it?they've found that burglarsoften can't resist raiding the refrigerator and theysometimes leave saliva behind on crumbs and partially eatenfood containing DNA that can be used to identify them.

Anna Gosline writes in New Scientist magazine that...

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How to Read Your Future

In the future, we'll all be able to get genetic scans thatwill tell us how to eat and exercise, as well as whatdiseases await us in the future. The question is, do wereally want to know?


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Born to be Bad? Mom Can Save You

Are some people "born to be bad?" Scientists say that certain people inherit DNA that gives them more aggression and lessserotonin (the hormone that makes us happy). But even if you're born with a bad gene, your mother can save you.

Andy Coghlan writes in New Scientist that a 2002 study bypsychiatrist Terrie Moffitt followed...
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Athletic Gene Makes a Difference

Scientists have found a gene that helps determine how athletic you are. Since this study was done in Australia, it doesn't answer the controversial question about why Blacks dominate sports in the U.S.?is it genetics, "culling" during slavery, or seizing an opportunity to advance? Also, once DNA testing becomes common, will recruiters use it to...

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Our Ancestors were Worms

In another blow for Creationism, scientists have discovered that we're related to an ancient worm that lives at the bottom of a lake in Sweden. It doesn't have a brain or sex organs, but it does have the same kind of DNA as humans. Researcher Max Telford says, "We have now been able to show that, amongst all of the invertebrates that exist,...

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Couch Potato Excuse: It's Genetic

New research shows that people who have a particular genetic variation are more likely be inactive. And these people also get fewer of the benefits from the exercise they do get around to doing. It's harder for them to lower their blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat.

For instance, people with the lazy gene (called a melanocortin-4...

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African-Americans Can Find Their Roots

Jennifer Friedlin writes in Wired Magazine that it's now possible for African-Americans to use DNA testing to find out exactly where their ancestors came from.

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You Are What Your Mom Ate

In another discovery about the importance of vitamins, scientists have been able to change the fur coat colors of baby mice by giving them four specific vitamins. It's known that pregnant women with poor nutrition tend to have children who get diabetes and heart disease. This means you owe your hair?and your health?to how your Mom ate.

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Is There an Evil Gene?

Robert Lee Hotz And John Johnson write in the Los Angeles Times that it may be possible for evil to be passed down genetically to family members. They examine families in which several generations have committed the same types of terrible crimes.

Scientists now know that genes influence our behavior. But can our behavior change our genes...

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Blood Mystery Solved

Radio hosts Paul Harvey and Art Bell reported on a story from Scotland Yard about a bouncer who was stabbed to death in the alley outside The Paradise Bar in London. Pools of blood were left behind after the victim was taken away.

"They swabbed the blood up off the floor, they extracted DNA from it," says Marcia Eggleston, a researcher...

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Ancient DNA Discovered...Or Not

Researchers in South Africa claim they have extracted the DNA of an early human.

The microscopic traces of blood which yielded the sample are apparently from a 1.8 million-year-old hominid. If the claim is authenticated the DNA will be the oldest sample ever extracted.

Wits University micro-archaeologist Bonnie Williamson, says...

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