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Do Doctors Really Believe In Vaccination?

It's Thanksgiving in the US, and for the rest of the world it is never a bad time to give thanks for all of our blessings.
There are many who count vaccines as one of the major blessings of the modern age, as they allegedly save thousands from the threat of harmful diseases.

Yet our confidence in the effectiveness of vaccines...
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Is Depression An Infectious Disease?

Major depressive disorder (MDD) should be re-conceptualized as an infectious disease, according to Turhan Canli, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology and Radiology at Stony Brook University. In a paper published in Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders, Dr.Canli suggests that major depression may result from parasitic, bacterial, or viral...
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The Limitless Mind: Scientists Discover Mind Power Can Alter Genetic Structure

We may believe that our genetic programming is a permanent factor in our physical state of being, yet more and more research is proving that our genes can in fact be altered by complex interactions between genetics, our environment, diet and lifestyle.

Those are physical factors, but could genes really be influenced by mind power?...
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Is Ebola Now At Large In The United States?

The search for 132 potential Ebola victims has now begun in the United States after an infected nurse flew from Ohio to Dallas on a Frontier Airlines flight.

The nurse, Amber Vincent, had been treating Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, who has since died in a Dallas hospital. She was unaware that she had contracted the disease and...
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Have We Left It Too Late To Stop The Ebola Epidemic?

As the infamous Ebola virus continues to spread across the African continent, world leaders are now sending aid in an attempt to stop the virus from escalating out of control.

But have they left it too late?

Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg thinks so. He told Germany...
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Ebola Virus: New Study Suggests It Is Out Of Control

The Ebola virus appears to be rampaging unchecked across the globe, and there are predictions that the current, already significant, death toll of around 2,400 deaths could escalate into hundreds of thousands by the end of this year.
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Is Climate Change Encouraging the Spread of Dangerous Diseases?

Unprecedented plagues and diseases are threatening crops across the globe, and the results could be disastrous according to scientists.

Bananas are one such crop that has fallen victim to a variety of bugs and fungal infections, which are spreading so rapidly that the government in Costa Rica, one of the biggest suppliers of the fruit...
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What Your Breath Reveals

Do you have bad breath? It may not be because you ate too much garlic, it may be because you're SICK. It's one of the main indicators of gum disease, but bad breath has a more serious side too.

If your breath smells like nitric oxide, you could have asthma. If it smells like carbon, you could have stomach ulcers. Doctors can...
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Deadly Diseases Spread by Commerce

The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil, but it actually may be the root of all DISEASE, because new diseases are being spread by commerce (NOTE:...
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When Physicians and Vets Work Together

We catch diseases from animals (and they catch them from us), but this also means we sometimes share the same physical ailments.
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Hanta Haunts Yosemite While West Nile Attacks Texas

10,000 tourists who stayed in cabins at Yosemite National Park recently might have been exposed to the deadly mouse-borne Hanta Virus. So far , Hanta has made 6 of the tourists ill. Hanta Virus is caused by inhaling the dried feces of infected mice. It is also carried by prairie dogs...
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We Catch Diseases from Animals

A group of researchers are taking blood and nose and throat swabs from bighorn sheep--not to see if they have the flu, but to find out if they have a disease which could be transmitted to HUMANS.
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Our Immune Systems are Racial

YOU may not be racist, but your immune system is: A major difference in the way that cells from African-Americans respond to inflammation could be an answer to why this group has so much more hypertension, something...
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More Medical Miracles

Will medical miracles never cease? In early results from a clinical trial, genetically engineered T cells (a type of white blood cell) killed off leukemia cells. Two out of three patients who received this treatment have been cancer-free for over a year. T cells could be engineered...
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Mystery Disease in India

Could it reach here? - A rural town in India is battling a baffling disease, which started small but has now spread to 350 people, killing 160 of them. 15 to 20 people are dying every day. These days, diseases can spread like wildfire, due to plane travel, so who knows where it will turn up next?

In the Hindustan Times,...

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Passengers on two flights, one from Atlanta to Paris and the other from Prague to Montreal are being urged by the Centers for Disease Control to undergo testing for an "extensively drug-resistant TB, and the passenger diagnosed with the disease has been quarantined. The last time the CDC took such an action was in 1963, when an individual...

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Big Business Gets It Wrong...and Right

When big business mixes with medicine and/or public policy, the results can be good?or disastrous. In two recent cases, having to do with breast cancer in women and AIDS in men, it has been both.

In 2003, breast cancer incidence in the United States dropped sharply, and researchers now think that this decline may largely be due to the...

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Eastern Wisdom Embraced by the West

In everything from neurology to medicine, the West is now starting to listen to wisdom from the East. A major drug company is using Chinese medicine, which relies on natural ingredients, in its search for new medicines.

He describes how Chinese botanist Shen Jingui is searching for a tiny flower called the snow lotus, that has been used...

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TB Prehistoric?and Getting Worse NOW

Scientists now think it was tuberculosis that killed off the herds of mastodons in prehistoric times. Researchers who have examined the skeletons of these gigantic beasts have found a type of bone damage that is unique to TB. What about TB in humans today? Public health officials are concerned about drug-resistant strains of TB that have...

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Dreaded Disease Traced to Cave

A little over a year ago, we reported that the dangerous Marburg virus had spread to Europe. Researchers have long searched for the source of this incurable disease, which caused an epidemic in Africa in 1998?2000. They've been looking for a host, which will be an animal that spreads the disease to humans that come into contact with it, but...

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The Mystery of Morgellons

We wrote a story over a year ago about a mysterious disease which is affecting people primarily in California and Florida. Then we found out that this may not be a real disease. It could also be the strange skin disease we reported on two years ago. Now KTVU.comreports that while most physicians are still skeptical about it, one scientist is...

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Mysterious Skin Disease?or NOT?

In a recent newsletter, we reported on a mysterious skindisease that's being seen in various parts of the country,called Morgellons Disease. Now scientists say this may be not be a physical ailment, despite the suffering that it iscausing. Many dermatologists agree, but the case is not yetclosed.

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Do French Fries Affect Breast Cancer?

A new study suggests that women who regularly ate French fries as young children have a significantly higher risk of breast cancer. Researcher Karin Michels says, "This study provides additional evidence that breast cancer may originate during the early phases of a woman's life and that eating habits during that phase may be particularly...

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Malaria Hits Florida

With global warming, tropical mosquito-borne diseases are hitting the U.S. In Florida, the health department says there's a "very high" chance that mosquitoes with malaria are flying around, after one man was found to be infected with the disease.

In the Palm Beach Post, Rochelle Brenner quotes Tim O'Connor, of the Palm Beach County...

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Death Flights

There have been mysterious deaths on two British flights from Miami to England, on two consecutive days. reports that A 19-year-old British woman died Monday while flying on a Virgin Atlantic plane from Miami to Heathrow Airport. The day before, two passengers on a British Airways flight from Miami to Heathrow died. One of them...

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Modern Diseases Caused by Ancient Genes

Humans have always migrated whenever and whenever we could. When early humans left Africa, they developed special genes that allowed them to survive the colder climates of Europe, Asia and North America, and these genes may be the cause of today's health problems, like obesity and aging diseases. The good news: science may have finally found a...

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Shyness Kills

The way you react to stress influences are much you'll resist or succumb to disease, including HIV, and shy people are more susceptible to infection than outgoing people.UCLA's Steve Cole says, "Since ancient Greece, physicians have noticed that persons with a 'melancholic temperament' are more vulnerable to viral infections."


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New Weekend Disease

People who get sick on the weekend or while on vacation may be have a new medical condition. Researchers in the Netherlands think a significant proportion of the population is suffering from this. They've found that 3% of people get sick with a variety of different complaints, such as fatigue, muscular pains and nausea, as soon as they stop...

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Greek Disease Mystery Solved

The virus that has killed 3 people and infected 39 more in Greece has been identified as a member of the human enterovirus family. Preliminary tests by Greece's Special Infections Control Center suggest it could be Coxsackie B.

Identifying the precise strain will not make treatment any easier. Doctors can only treat the symptoms of the...

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Mystery Diseases Strike Worldwide

The death of popular young actor Ricardo Yan, age 27, in the Philippines has put the spotlight on a mystery ailment that kills healthy Asian men in their sleep. Filipinos call it "bangungot" or the nightmare syndrome. Patients with the illness are heard moaning just before they die, which is usually in the middle of the night, doctors say....

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