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The Diana Story Continues: Now It's the Missing CCTV Footage

On August 17, Unknowncountry published its 8th story questioning the official account of the death of Princess Diana. In that story, we reported that British police were opening a new investigation based on claims being made that a member of the British...
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New Evidence that Princess Diana was Murdered

On December 8, 2000 published its first story about the possibility that Princess Diana had been murdered by shadowy figures, possibly connected to the British intelligence agency MI6 and by extension to the royal family. In our story, we wrote of "a file describing a plan to assassinate the then Serbian President Slobodan...
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British CIA in Paris When Diana Died

In the Oct. 4 edition of the Independent, Robert Verkaik reports that MI6 agents (the equivalent of the US CIA) were operating in Paris on the night of August 31, 1997, the time of the car crash that killed Diana and Dodi Fayed. This was revealed to a jury at a hearing in the UK which is investigating their deaths. Dodi?s father, Mohamed Al...

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More Shocking News About Diana's Death

We recently reported the shocking revelation that at the time of her death in 1997, Princess Diana was being bugged by our largest spy agency, the NSA, which does electronic eavesdropping. Sources say they were probably monitoring Diana's friendship with controversial financier Teddy Forstmann. A British investigation into her death reveals...

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Princess Diana Bugged by US Gov.

A new British investigation into the the August 31st, 1997 death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed reveals that the National Security Agency (NSA) was secretly bugging Diana's phone when their car crashed in a tunnel in Paris while they were being chased by photographers. The crash killed them both.

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Diana Mystery Deepens

A report on the inquest into the death of Princess Dianathat was being prepared by UK Metropolitan PoliceCommissioner Lord Stevens has been delayed after RoyalCoroner Michael Burgess stepped down, claiming an excessiveworkload.

Prior to her death, Princess Diana claimed in a letter thather husband, Prince Charles, was planning to kill...

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Why Diana's Death is Still a Mystery

There have been years of speculation about why a U.K. investigation of the death of Princess Diana in 1997 has not yet taken place. In the Independent, Terry Kirby quotes a police source in France, who has read the 6,000 page official French report on the car crash, as saying, "I can tell you she was pregnant?There was a cover-up of sorts."...

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Was Princess Di Murdered? MI6 Agent Speaks Out

Nexus - In the January issue of Nexus Magazine, there is a sworn statement by Richard Tomlinson, a former MI6 officer, stating that British Intelligence is hiding important information about Princess Diana?s death.
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