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Diamonds in Space

The new movie ?Blood Diamond? tells about the perils of mining diamonds here on earth. But soon this may not be a problem, since we will be able to mine diamonds in space?or else create them artificially.

Rare, black diamonds have long baffled scientists, since they are so different from the clear-colored gems that emerge from volcanic...

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Soon We'll All be Decked in Diamonds

An ex-Army officer in Florida is using secret Soviet technology to create fake diamonds that are indistinguishable from "real" ones. Soon we'll all be able to afford to wear masses of them?but when it's no longer a status symbol, will we still want to?

Joshua Davis writes in Wired Magazine about Carter Clarke, who runs Gemesis in...

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Hold On to Those Diamonds

An old song says that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," and if you've got some big ones around, that may be true, because geologists have found evidence that the Earth is no longer producing large diamonds. The ancient Romans thought diamonds were splinters from fallen stars, and the Ancient Greeks thought they were tears from the Gods. We...

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