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Our Kids are Going Deaf

72% of teenagers participating in a study experienced reduced hearing ability following exposure to a pop rock performance by a popular female singer.

The hearing loss that may be experienced after a pop rock concert is not generally believed to be permanent. It is called a temporary threshold shift and usually disappears within 16-...
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Mom: Don't Smoke--It Can Make Your Kids Deaf

Smoking is not sexy: Exposure to second hand smoke is bad for a fetus and it's bad for teenagers too: Researchers report that exposure to tobacco smoke nearly doubles the risk of hearing loss among...
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Soldier Sounds

One of the joys of this season is listening to Christmas carols, but some of our brave soldiers are returning from war with a special problem:...
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Are Ipods Making Us Deaf?

The number of young people who are going deaf due to the overuse of headphones keeps increasing, and poor kids are being hurt the most. Of the almost 9,000 16-year-old girls who took part in a recent study, poor teens had the worst hearing. However, researcher Abbey Berg says that "just because there's an association, it doesn't mean cause...
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Thank Goodness!

We can get back to REAL SCIENCE again - Matthew 15:31 says, "The people were amazed when they saw the mute speaking, the crippled made well, the lame walking and the blind seeing." In those days it was miracles. Today it is stem cells!

Now that President Obama has OK'd stem cell research again, scientists may be able to...

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Finally: A Cure for Deafness?

Deafness is a complex subject?some deaf people insist that it is not a disease that needs to be cured. But since many of our soldiers are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan deaf, this news couldn't have come at a better time. Did you know that your cell phone may be affecting your hearing? And do we know what dinosaurs heard?


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A Hearing Pill

We recently brought you the surprising news that airbags can cause deafness. But most people go deaf from a virus, an infection or loud noise. One place you hear a lot of loud noise is on the battlefield, which is why many of our soldiers are coming back from the Iraq war with hearing loss. Now there may be a pill they can take AHEAD OF TIME to...

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Sign Language May Be a Thing of the Past

Some researchers think that sign language actually leads to deafness. And due to the new science of cochlear implants, which are now implanted in young children, sign language may be on the way out among the deaf. But some deaf people insist that sign language is what defines them as a unique culture.

In New Scientist magazine, Rachel...

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Eating in Restaurants Can Make You DEAF

People in the US are working longer hours and now both partners usually work full time, which means that people eat in restaurants more often than they used to. Besides making us fatter, this is also making us deaf.

Hearing specialist Robert Novak says that some restaurants are so noisy that customers' and employees' hearing can be...

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Deaf? Bring Your Computer to the Theater

Newswise - For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, the voices ofactors, teachers, sports announcers and clergy are silenced.But now researchers have developed a captioning system thatyou can take with you, for the 28 million Americans (about10% of the population) who are deaf or hard of hearing. Theonly thing you'll need to...

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Sign Language Leads to Deafness

Sign language may be the cause of the rising rate of inherited deafness, which has doubled over the past 200 years. The introduction of sign language in the early 1800s allowed deaf people to communicate with other deaf people, leading to marriage and deaf offspring. Researcher Walter Nance says, "In the United States, at least 85% of...

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Deafness Epidemic Coming Up

Three out of four young people who go to clubs or concerts regularly experience signs of hearing damage afterwards, such as ringing in their ears, and risk having permanent deafness by middle age. The future generation may think of hearing aids as ordinary as glasses are now, and hearing aid batteries may be sold at the check out counter, the...

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The Rock Concert Pill

Researchers have designed a pill to prevent the hearing loss caused by loud rock music and other deafening noise. Animal tests suggest it may work weeks after the earsplitting event has taken place. "The data suggest you could take it before going into battle?or into a rock concert," says David Karlman, chairman of American Biohealth. The...

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