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Huge Dead Zone is Predicted This Year

Will the future mean a shortage of fish? (NOTE: You can save $3 on our beautiful crop circle calendar if you use coupon 2012 by September 23). Oceanographers have returned from a trip to examine the scope and size of this year's "dead zone" in the Gulf...
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Dead Zones

It's not just birds that are dying: Arkansas officials are investigating the death of 100,000 fish in a lake in a town near Little Rock and suspect disease is to blame. CNN quotes Game & Fish Commissioner Keith Stephens as saying, "The fish kill only affected one species...
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Record Dead Zone

Not just oil, MINING too! - It's not just oil exploration that threatens the marine life that so much of the world depends on, it's also mining. As expected, this year's Gulf of Mexico dead zone is expected to be HUGE, continuing a decades-long trend that threatens the health of a $659 million fishery (although it's not clear...

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Dead Zone

As predicted, at almost 8,000 square miles, this year's dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is one of the biggest in history. The area off the Louisiana and Texas this year is the third-largest ever mapped.

A "dead zone" is caused by nitrogen runoff from fertilizer, which leads to a huge algae bloom. The algae sucks up all the available...

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