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Los Angeles Storm Eerie Reminder of Strieber's Predictions

In an eerie reprise ofthe ComingGlobal Superstorm andthe DayAfter Tomorrow, the Los Angeles area has experienced one ofits worst storms of the past hundred years. The storm, whichincluded a verified tornado in Van Nuys that took the roofsoff of houses and uprooted trees, flooded the city withupwards of five inches of rain. Downtown Los Angeles...

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Day After Tomorrow Popular with National Geo Readers

Most of the general media laughed off the movie "The DayAfter Tomorrow" as "too extreme." But better informed mediawere not so dismissive, and the National Geographic was noexception. They wrote, "to environmentalists, there is morethan a kernel of truth in the catastrophic scenariosdepicted..."

Now, their story has proved to be number...

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