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How to Tell a Fake Crop Circle

How can you tell a fake crop circle from a real one? Withthe movie "Signs" coming out in August, we can expect to seemore faked circles than ever before. Lucy Pringle, who hasbeen researching crop circles for many years, will be onDreamland August 3 and she'll give us some good advice aboutthis. On our July 27 Dreamland show, Charles Mallet...

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Media Lies

Now that "Signs" is in movie theaters across the country,U.S. newspapers are finally paying attention to the subjectof crop circles, after ignoring them for years. Somejournalists are writing surprisingly open-mindedarticles?including our own hometown paper, the San AntonioExpress-News. Other papers are using the movie as an excuseto spread...

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World Crop Circle Meditation Today

Joachim Koch & Hans-Jurgen Kyborg of Germany are leading thefirst worldwide crop circle meditation at 11:00 pm BritishSummer Time at Avebury on July 24th. This meditation, whichhas the backing of many native peoples around the world, isto communicate to whomever is making the crop circles thatwe take responsibility for the welfare of our...

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New Crop Circle Calendars Have Arrived

Our new 2003 crop circle calendar is here! You can buy italone, as a set with our 2002 calendar, or as a threesomewith the 2001 calendar. These make wonderful gifts. We alsohave a beautiful new Crop Circle Lecture Video by popularresearcher Michael Glickman. Don?t let Hollywood feed youdisinformation about crop circles ? find out the truth...

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Review of New Crop Circle Video

Crop Circle Video #7 from Michael Glickman has just arrived in our store all the way from the U.K.

Tania Woodward, who reviewed the video for, says, ?Just over 50 minutes later, I was in love again. No, not with Michael (!), but with the awesomeness of the circle phenomenon and its inspiring message,...

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New Crop Circle Created During Dreamland

On Dreamland June 1st, while we were interviewing Michael Glickman, the English crop circle expert, the first major crop circle of the season was being created only a mile or two from where he was speaking to us by telephone from the U.K. Michael will be back on Dreamland June 8 to talk about it, and Linda Howe will have a major crop circle...

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Are Crop Circles Manmade?

Michael Glickman will tell us the latest news about crop circles on Dreamland June 1st. He writes in about the assertion, by crop circle researcher Colin Andrews, that 80% of crop circles are made by human beings?despite the fact that no one ever catches them doing it. It?s known that some of the circles are made by hoaxers, but...

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New Crop Circle in Germany

To see an image of the new ?eclipse? crop circle,click here. Michael Glickman will be on Dreamland June 1st to talk about crop circles and their meanings.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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New: Crop Circle Postcards

This is a dark time for the crop circle miracle. Both the National Geographic Channel and the Learning Channel have recently aired blatantly propagandistic anti-circle documentaries. The fact is, government and media hate this miracle because it's new and strange and it says that the world is full of mystery.

Lucy Pringle has created two...

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Crop Circles to Star in Movie

Andy Thomas writes in the Swirled News website that special manmade crop circle formations will be produced for the upcoming Hollywood film ?Signs,? starring Mel Gibson and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who made ?The Sixth Sense.? The film will open in the U.S. in the summer of 2002.

In its February 2002 issue (no. 152), the English...

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Dutch Scientists to Try to Create Crop Circles Using Plasmas

Every year in The Netherlands 20 to100 crop circles mysteriously appear in wheat fields. They remain a mystery, but new research, reported in the scientific journal Physiologia Plantarum, may help clear up their origins.

Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff is the author of the article. He?s a physicist and also a member of the Dutch Center for Crop...

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ET Communication or Hoax?

Two unusual crop formations have appeared in a field near a British radio telescope. One of them is a schematic similar to an image transmitted by the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974.

The broadcast consisted of a transmission of a pictorial message, which has been approximated in one of the two crop formations. The transmission was...

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