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New Crop Circle in Ohio

Ohio farmer Dale Mark has a crop circle in his soybean field. Passengers flying overhead in a private airplane last week discovered it. One part of the design is a circle surrounding a triangle, another resembles a peace sign, and a third looks like a bull's-eye. His wife, Mary Ellen, is puzzled because the circles are on land that's difficult...

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2004 Crop Circle Calendars are Here!

Lucy Pringle's 2004 crop circle calendar is now in stock. If you receive our free newsletter, you got a special $2.00 off coupon. If you're a subscriber, you'll find a $3.00 off coupon in the subscriber section. These make great Christmas gifts, but be aware that we only have 300 in stock?and they'll go fast!

NOTE: This news...

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Canadian Crop Circle Points to Another Circle

Canada is one of the world's best places to see UFOs, and crop circles regularly turn up there as well. As if to make sure investigators find them all, a circle that formed in one field pointed to a circle that's been discovered in another wheat field.

Susan Hundertmark writes in the Seaforth Huron Expositor that the Canadian Crop Circle...

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Did 1995 Crop Circle Predict Something for September 6?

Andy Thomas writes in that a 1995 crop circle, in the form of an astronomical diagram, showed our solar system as it will look on September 6, 2003. Last June, a crop circle in Belgium seemed to point to August 11, as a similar one in July of 2001 had pointed to 9/11. On August 11, a massive terrorist plot in the mideast was...

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Extraordinary Wisconsin Crop Circle

A huge crop circle formation has been discovered in a wheat field near the village of Clyman, Wisconsin (pop. 370), about 20 miles from the crop circles discovered earlier. The new formation was over 350 feet long along one axis and over 175 feet long on the other. It was made up of 7 connected circles of different sizes, the largest of which...

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UFO May Have Made Canadian Crop Circles

Crop circles have appeared in a wheat field in Ontario, Canada shortly after a UFO was spotted in the sky nearby. Farmer Erv Willert found the circles this week while combining his wheat. "I've never seen anything like it," he says. "One circle is laying one way and the other goes the other way. I don't think anyone would do this, no one would...

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Michigan Circles Not Hoaxed Either

Crop circles turned up in the middle of 1,000 acres of wheat near the suburbs of Detroit two weeks ago. Researcher Jeffrey Wilson has determined that these circles, like those in Wisconsin that a farmer actually saw being created, are not manmade. Farmer Mike Esper says, "It gets weirder by the minute."

Shawn Windsor writes in the...

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Polish Crop Circles 3 Years in a Row

The Taipai Times reports that crop circles have appeared annually for three years in the tiny village of Wylatowo in Poland. This year, there have been 4 circles, one of them a huge "lotus flower" design. Teacher Anna Kalinowska says, "I'll be really disappointed when it turns out some farmers are doing it for a prank, but it really is a kind...

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Air Force Investigates Wisconsin Crop Circles has a detailed report about the Mayville, Wisconsin crop circles from the research team of Jeffrey Wilson, Charles Lietzau, Gary Kahlimer and Roger Sugden. They took samples from the circles, and proved that they were not manmade. Now they report that the Wisconsin circles have been investigated by a "Special Crop Circle...

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Wisconsin Crop Circles Not Hoaxed

On July 4th, farmer Arthur Rantala watched a crop circle being made in his field in Mayville, Wisconsin. Since that time, investigators have investigated the circles and have determined they're not manmade.

Rantala says, "They took extensive measurements and made intricate drawings of the circles showing the directions of the grain,...

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Farmer Watches Crop Circle Form

A farmer in Wisconsin saw a crop circle being formed in his barley field. Arthur Rantala says, "The holes appeared and there it was but you couldn't see what made it, but I [saw] it right when it happened."

He says, "It looked like a lake. The waves, the wind blowing, and then all of the sudden this dark hole appears, like a black hole....

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Strange Bugs in CA Crop Circle

It?s been discovered that the holes bored in cornstalks in a California crop circle that?s believed to be a hoax were made by the European Corn Borer. The European Corn Borer is an agricultural threat, and this is apparently the first infestation ever found in California. Did whoever usually makes crop circles in the U.K. bring their bugs along...

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CA Crop Circles: It's Not Over Yet

Regarding the recent California crop circle, one researcher writes, "?Crop circle 'confessions' are common in England, but are virtually never supported by any corroborating evidence. So last week's alleged confession by some local teenagers who claim the made the Vacaville corn circle has been taken with a grain of salt by the crop circle...

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CA Crop Circle Made by Kids

Four teenage boys have done a "Doug & Dave" and confessed to making the Suisun City, California, wheat field crop circle last month. They say they were inspired by a TV documentary on crop circles. Of course, claiming to have made something doesn't mean you've actually done it, but the design of the California circle does lead to suspicions...

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CA Crop Circle Adds to Scientific Mystery, by Leslie Kean

Last summer crop circles were in the news with the release of the movie "Signs." This time around, the Bay Area has been graced with the real thing. The recent design found in a Rockville wheat field in Solano County appears to be the largest one ever reported in the United States and has attracted hundreds of visitors.


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More U.S. Crop Circles

Keith Inman writes in the Jonesboro (Arkansas) Sun that there are 10 crop circles in a wheat field in Knobel, Ark. Farmer Todd Young says, "It's kind of eerie, really. It's real precise. It's real symmetrical. Your average idiot couldn't have gone out there and done that, including myself." This spring, circles are appearing in the U.S. and in...

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Beautiful New U.K. Crop Circles

Two new crop circles have appeared in the U.K. One, in traditional English crop circle country, is beautifully precise. The other, in the center of a large field in the middle of what looks like a suburban neighborhood, is amazing because there are clearly no tire tracks or foot prints leading from the surrounding roads to the circle. If humans...

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Crop Circles in Louisiana

Andrew Griffin writes in that crop circles have appeared in Shreveport, LA. Local resident Cliff Brown saw one in a weed-filled lot behind a shopping center. "The (crop circle) is in a field of weeds and Johnson grass behind the Shreve City Shopping Center at Dee St. and South Point," he says. "It used to be an old driving range...

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Circles Cropping Up in Unusual Places

There's been a slow start to the 2003 crop circle season in England, with 3circles so far. However, circles have been showing up in unusual places such as Australia and Maryland. Peter Hall writes in the New Jersey Express-Times that they've cropped up in New Jersey as well.

Crop circles that form outside of the vicinity of Stonehenge...

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Crop Circles Down Under

The crop circle season isn't only beginning in the U.K., it's also taking place in Australia. Dozens of the circles appeared in a field of sorghum overnight, accompanied by loud "zapping noises" and a flash of green light. The electrical power also went out.

Farmer Kel Gowen was waked up about midnight by two loud "zaps." His farm...

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Do Crop Circles Affect the Left Brain?

In our new Insight,crop circle researcher Michael Glickman writes, "?Looking back, I realize that, in circles, I have often been overwhelmed by a sense of lethargy, lack of focus, loss of memory, a repeated inability to count or do simple sums?Then you speak to others?who admit similar experiences?It seems mainly to affect those engaged in...

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Only 45 Crop Circle Calendars Left!

We only have 45 of these wonderful calendars left. Each month brings you a lovely new crop circle image, all taken by photographer and researcher Lucy Pringle. We import these calendars from England and they aren't available anywhere else in the U.S. When you also buy Crop Circles: Signs of Contact by this week's Dreamland guest Colin Andrews,...

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2003 Crop Circle Calendar is Back!

They traveled all the way from England and are filled with beautiful, full-color photos of crop circles taken by crop circle researcher Lucy Pringle. This is one of our most popular items and it sold out during Christmas. Now it?s back, just in time for February. Your favorite vampire is back in stock too, and every book is signed.


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Crop Circles in Canada Too!

In our newest Insight, Paul Anderson, of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network, tells about the strange experiences of a CCRN team that recently inspected cornfields where two crop circles were formed during 2002. Dowsing rods went crazy, strange lights were seen and animals avoided the area. The circles appeared near a prehistoric site....

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Crop Circle of a Newly Discovered Nucleotide?

The two images shown here are of a crop circle from last summer and a newly discovered nucleotide. Information relating to these images was discussed with Dr. Roger Leir on Dreamland 11/02/02.

The nucleotide was discovered at Cambridge University in England in 1986. It shows the DNA curvature around a eukaryotic nucleosome.


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Don't Believe Media Crop Circle Debunking

Journalist Leslie Kean quotes astrophysicist Bernard Haisch in the Providence (RI) Journal that, "To look at the evidence and go away unconvinced is one thing. To not look at the evidence and be convinced against it nonetheless is another. That is not science." Kean says it's not good journalism either. She reveals that scientists are confused...

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Is the Military Behind Crop Circles?

Bill Hamilton of Skywatch International looks at the possibility that military satellites are using lasers to produce crop circles. He explains Shimmer: "The result of?atmospheric turbulence, air density, light refraction, cloud cover, and wind" and tells how it would effect a laser being beamed from space. Hamilton says, "The power density...

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More Crop Circles--in Canada and China

In Canada, a dairy farmer outside Montreal recentlydiscovered crop circles on his land. Marty Cullen, afarmhand employed by Jack Peddie, told Peddie he had seenlarge sections of a barley field crushed down in a circularpattern. Peddie discovered at least 12 large circular areasin his field of knee-high barley. No one heard noises duringthe...

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Crop Circles Here in U.S.

A beautiful set of crop circles has been discovered in afield in Idaho, and the owners say they have no idea howthey got there. And crop formations in the U.K. are gettingmore explicit, with the newest showing what looks like an alienprofile alongside a computer disk.The farmer who owns thefield in Idaho says, "We first thought somebody was...

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Scientific Testing of Crop Circles

Read the latest Insight piece by Andy Thomas, He tells how the new BLT website will giveclear, scientific answers to questions about crop circles.To read thearticle,clickhere.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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