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New Insight Article: A Crop Formation with an Ominous Warning

On June 28 in a field near Torino, Italy, a magnificent crop formation appeared. Like the Crabwood formation of 2002, this formation contains at least one message, and the one that we have thus far been able to translate should be considered carefully, as it echoes the warning in the Crabwood formation. Both formations contain readable...
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An Exquisite Way to Plan Your Day

2012 is a new beginning and our beautiful 2012 crop circle calendar is a delightful way to plan for it. You'll never see one in a store window, because you can ONLY get it from us.
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A Beautiful Way to Start Your Day

Some researchers think ALL crop circles are manmade, some think NONE of them are made by people, and other researchers think...
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An Exquisite Way to Plan Your Day

With our beautiful 2012 crop circle calendar. Some people think that these circles are all manmade, some people think that NONE of them are manmade, while...
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One Reason for the Secrecy

Serious science reporters like Linda Moulton Howe have witnessed small orbs of light creating crop circles, yet the British government, where most of these appear, insists they are all manmade, and the US media goes along with this. Now we've discovered a possible REASON for this reticence.

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Screening of Crop Circle Film Talked About on Dreamland

TONIGHT! - Come watch the best film about crop circles that we've ever seen! Whitley will be there in person to introduce it. It will be shown on Sunday, September 27 at 7:30 p.m. at the Downtown Independent Theater on 251 S. Main Street in Los Angeles, California, and there will be a Q & A with the filmmaker afterwards....

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Aliens Spotted in Crop Circle??

A 350 foot crop circle of an ancient Mayan symbol has appeared next to Silbury Hill in the UK, an artificial mound datingfrom prehistoric times which has been the site of many crop circles over the years. On July 7th, several very tallindividuals were observed inside the formation.

This is the site of Operation Blackbird, a secret...

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Fake Crop Circle Exposed

Update - Nancy Talbot of theBLTResearch Team has announced that the National Geographichas refused to affirm that it will provide an unbiasedapproach to the crop circle phenomenon in its upcomingdocumentary. The National Geographic has had a documentarycrew in the fields of England this summer, apparently attempting toprove...

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Whitley's Journal: Amazing Talk at an Amazing Festival

In Whitley's new Journal, he reflects on this year's Dreamland Festival and on the crop circle that Linda Howe gave an extraordinary report on there. To see the formation he's talking about, click here. And that wasn't the only thing that went on at the Festival!

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will...

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Jellyfish warning?

A number of incredible crop circles have appeared this year, including one that represents a jellyfish, at a time when strange jellyfish-shaped lightning appeared over France, and the world jellyfish population is exploding, crowding out edible ocean fish. Is all this a warning for us?

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First Crop Circles of the Year!

These crop circles are truly beautiful. To see them, click here and here. Coming up on Dreamland: Interviews with the authors of TWO crop circle books: Michael Glickman and Andrew Collins! Collins was the FIRST author to be interviewed on William Henry's new Revelations show! This story came from our Out There section, which you can access by...

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Queen Interested in Crop Circles

...and thinks ETs make them - Queen Elizabeth's private secretary has revealed that the Queen not only takes an interest in crop circles, but believes that they are created by ETs. Her husband, Prince Philip, receives crop circle newsletters at Buckingham Palace. And now YOU can see these lovely formations for even less!

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Guess What's on Sale?

Just when you need it most! - Our exquisite 2009 crop circle calendars are now $10 off?and the year has barely started! This is our lowest price ever, and subscribers get an ADDITIONAL 10% off.

Want to know what the future will bring? Keep tuning into Dreamland: First we brought you astrologer Mahala Gayle (who will be...

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How You Can Hear MORE

Bert Janssen, the weekend's Dreamland guest, will be speaking about crop circles at a conference in Sedona, Arizona January 9-11. William Henry, who did the subscriber interview with Bert, has only TWO places left for his next Egyptian tour on Jan. 18-21?so if you didn't get enough of these two dynamic speakers on Dreamland, here's how to get...

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Tickets Almost Gone

Tickets are selling out fast for the crop circle conference on November 16-19 in Tempe, Arizona. All the Dreamland regulars will be there: Whitley and Anne Strieber, Linda Howe, William Henry and Jim Marrs! Whitley will speak on the provocative topic of "Crop Circles: What are They For?"

Other speakers include many Dreamland guests,...

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Buy One, Get One Free!

Our gorgeous 2007 crop circle calendars have arrived from England and we're offering you a wonderful deal: If you buy a 2007 calendar, you'll get a 2006 calendar FREE, but ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! There are 4 months left in 2006, so there is still plenty of time to use it. But don't hesitate, because this offer will only last until our 2006...

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Dreamland Personalities at Conference

Here's a chance to meet Linda Howe, William Henry, Michael Glickman, Margaret Starbird (who is this week's Dreamland radio guest), as well as many other edge thinkers, at Tempe, Arizona on November 18-21. Don't miss this important meeting of minds! To learn more, click here.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old...

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What Makes Some Places More Powerful Than Others

This week on Dreamland, William Henry interviews one of thefew people in the world who really understandspowerplaces and how to use them. He and William explore the factthat patterns incropcircles often mimic the layouts of ancient cathedrals.Subscribers getto listen to Whitley Strieber talk with Freddy, as they goeven deeper into these...

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Crop Circle Keeps Coming Back

A crop circle shaped like a bull's eye has been returning toa field in Tennessee for the past three years, and extensivetesting is being done on crop circles in Wisconsin.

In the Maryville (Tennessee) Daily Times, Patricia GramesPollock quotes Jack Ledbetter as saying, "To me it'sstrange, and I would like to have an answer.'' The circle...

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Canada Crop Circles Getting Complex

Crop Circle Research of Canada is beginning to report thekind of complex circles that used to be seen only in theU.K. In Canada, these formations started out as simplecircles and have advanced in complexity every year. One ofthese formations had a "key" shape of the kind seenextensively in the U.K. in the past.

NOTE: This news...

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Crop Circle Warns of World's End

A new U.K. crop circle near Silbury Hill, which appearedduring two nights in August, features symbols from theancient Mayan civilization that predicted the end of theworld in 2012.

In, Neil Leighton quotes crop circle researcherFrancine Blake as saying, "[In the crop circle,] The Moonhas a cycle around the Earth, the Earth...

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Free Crop Circle Calendar

Lucy Pringle's new2005crop circle calendars will arrive in our store any day now.While supplies last, you will receive a FREE 2004 calendarwith every order of the 2005 calendar, so you can gaze atbeautiful crop circles every day for the rest of this yeartoo! These exquisite calendars, filled with beautifulphotographs of crop circles, are only...

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Crowds View Polish Circles

We hear about crop circles in the U.K. every season, andabout circles that turn up in Canada and the U.S. as well.Now we've learned that there are so many crop circlesWylatowo, Poland that they're asking the European Union for$126 million to build facilities for all the visitors whocome to see them every year.

Town councilor Tadeusz...

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Summer Crop of Circles

Crop circles have shown up in Connecticut and Wisconsin.Local resident Adam Prince was driving past FrancisSwoboda's field in the town of Tilden, Wisconsin when "Ijust looked at it I could see something up in the field." Itturned out to be a crop circle.

Candice Novitzke writes in the Chippewa (Wisconsin) FallsHerald that the formation...

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Crop Circle Creation Seen 50 Years Ago

Crop circles aren't new and people have been seeing them made (and not by other people, either) for over 50 years. Alec Randall of Wiltshire, England describes looking into a field with his girlfriend in 1955 and seeing a "distortion of the air, like a thick haze of heat" 20 feet above a wheat field. They heard a "cracking noise like an...

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Crop Circles are for the Birds

In the U.K., while scientists don't acknowledge that crop circles are "real," they say they have an unexpected benefit by helping to reverse the decline in birds.

A two-year study found the skylark breeding increased 50% when areas of the fields were left unplanted, in order to preserve the circles. These areas eventually sprout weeds,...

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British Government Investigated Crop Circles

Crop circle investigator George Wingfield reveals that the British Government called a secret meeting to debate the meaning of crop circles over a decade ago. The August 28, 1989 issue of The Wall Street Journal says, "British agriculture and defense officials want to know more about the mysterious crop circles which have appeared across the...

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Mystery Circles in Africa

While no crop circles have been found in Africa, there are mysterious "fairy circles" in Namibia and scientists want to know what causes them. So far, all their possible explanations have been disproved?so maybe it is fairies, after all?

Fairy circles are found in bare sandy soil only along the western coast of the Namib desert in...

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Crop Circles Spread to Poland

Crop circles, which used to be seen mainly in the U.K., have started turning up in fields all over the world. For the past three years, crop circles have been appearing in the small village of Wylatowo in Poland. Just like in the U.K., orbs of light have been seen flying over the circles. Those who have seen them say, "First, there's a great...

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Crop Circle Hoax Not a Hoax

After crop circles appeared in a wheat field in Solano County, California, in June, four teenage boys confessed to making them. Now, after a 5 month study, researchers have concluded that they couldn't have done it?the "hoax was a hoax."

The Bay City News reports that Steve Moreno of Psi Applications, says, "We've concluded that it's...

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