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Crop Circle Season Defies Skeptical Predictions

Crop circles are appearing during the 2001 season with as much frequency as before, despite the predictions of skeptics that this season would be a sparse one. The fact that a crop circle hoaxer was arrested for trespassing and mischief after last year's season, and the restrictions on movement in rural areas due to the Foot-and-Mouth epidemic...

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Researcher May Have Broken Code of Intricate Crop Circle

The crop circle pictured here appeared on June 3 at Wakerley Woods, Barrowden, Northamtonshire. Local residents had not seen it the day before its appearance, suggesting that it may not be hoaxed. Further testing will be needed before it can be identified as a certain unknown.

Researcher Geoff Stray has observed what may be some...

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Intricate New Crop Circle in UK

An intricate new crop formation was found in the UK, one of the few this year that is highly likely to be of unknown origin. The circle was discovered on June 3 and was not seen by local residents in the field on June 2. It is west of Barrowden in the UK, relatively near a road. The circle consists of an outer ring about four feet wide. It...

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