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Personal Cosmic Ray Detectors Soon Available For Smartphones

 Soon, the growing capability of your smartphone could be harnessed to detect cosmic rays in much the same way as high-end, multimillion-dollar observatories.

With a simple app addition, Android phones, and likely other smartphone brands in the not-too-distant future, can be turned into detectors to capture the light particles...
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Weekender: Unexplained Cosmic Pulses from Deep Space Intrigue Scientists

Hopes of finding intelligent life in the universe have been raised by more unidentified signals from outer space detected by astronomers in Puerto Rico, validating reports of similar signals identified by researchers in Australia.

The discovery of a split-second burst of radio waves by scientists using the Arecibo radio telescope in...
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Science Suggests That The Universe "Shouldn't Really Exist"

The unfathomable mystery of how this Universe was brought forth into being has preoccupied the mind of Man since he became cognisant of his own existence. Latterly, Science has been able to provide the likely cosmic nuts and bolts of the process, with the most widely accepted concept being known as the "Big Bang" theory.
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The Universe Changes our Weather--with Cosmic Rays

Can energy from the remnants of exploding stars out in the Galaxy really affect cloud formation in the Earth's atmosphere?

Since 1996, Danish researchers have been attempting to prove that cosmic rays from outer space could play a significant role in cloud formation.
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What Tree Rings Reveal

Tree rings can tell you a lot: The Japanese have discovered that, in the late eighth century, the earth was hit by a mysterious blast of cosmic rays (NOTE:...
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Cooling the Earth: Pollution and Cosmic Rays

Pollution causes climate change and also helps prevent it, but what it does MOST is make it hard to forecast what will happen to our weather in the future (if you order our...
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It's a Dangerous Time to be an Astronaut

As if astronauts planning trips to the moon and Mars didn't have enough to worry about, they now have something else: heart attacks. Exposure to cosmic radiation outside the Earth's magnetic field could be detrimental to their arteries (NOTE:...
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When a Star Explodes

If a star were to explode near the Earth, we would be hit with millions of deadly particles and cosmic rays, causing mass extinctions due to the high radiation of cosmic rays, which strips away our planet's protective ozone layer. Astronomers think this happens about every 60...
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Mysterious Increase in Cosmic Rays

An echo of Whitley's new novel! - Whitley's latest novel The Omega Point, which will be published in June, is about energy from a distant supernova entering our solar system and gradually causing havoc. The leading edge of such an event would take the form of a massive increase in cosmic rays suddenly appearing. This has just...

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Are Cosmic Rays Changing Our Weather?

Something is changing earth's weather far faster than globalwarming models indicate. The extremely violent hurricane andtyphoon seasons of 2004 have been followed by ferociouswinter weather, and now yet another tropical cyclone hasformed in mid Pacific, with winds in excess of 100 MPH.

In early December, an unprecedented blizzard dumped...

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