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William Cooper Killed in Shootout

William Milton Cooper, author of "Behold a Pale Horse," was killed in a shootout with sheriff's deputies in Eagar, Arizona today. Cooper was host of a talk show broadcast by Worldwide Christian Radio out of Nashville. He was well known in the UFO community for his radical view that there were a number of alien species present on earth, and that...

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Sheriff's Report on the Cooper Shooting

FLI Newswire) Eager Arizona - On Nov 5, 2001 at11:40pm, Apache County Sheriff's deputies attempted toserve an arrest warrant on a known felon, WilliamMilton Cooper, (58 years of age) at his residencelocated at 96 North Clearview Circle in Eagar AZ.Cooper was considered armed and dangerous. During theexecution of this warrant, Cooper was fatally...

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