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New Study Reveals Conspiracy Theorists Are More Rational Than Conventionalists

Conspiracy theorists are often referred to as crazy "cranks," or "crackpots," and the more outlandish their theories the more rigorously they are derided. The truth can often be stranger than fiction, however, so the pursuit of the truth should be a laudable endeavor and not something to be ridiculed or scoffed at.
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Film Crew Arrested at Area 51

Military personnel arrested a BBC film crew at the secret Area 51 military base in Nevada where UFO conspiracy theorists claim US authorities are keeping bodies of aliens and debris from a spacecraft that crashed in...
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Secret Spray

A team of investigative reporters has discovered that the government sprayed zinc cadmium sulfide on thousands of unsuspecting citizens who lived in a St. Louis housing project during the 1950s and 60s. While the Army admits it added a florescent substance to the compound, whether or not it was radioactive remains a secret.

On the...
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Spying?on Us?

The US military has developed a new surveillance drone that is virtually invisible. Researchers know that, due to the way our eyes work, fast-moving helicopter blades cannot be seen, except as a blur. Now they have used this knowledge to design an entire plane that spins so quickly that it's invisible. Since it's a drone (meaning there are no...

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We're Controlled by Fear

Did the US government use 911 as an excuse to launch a sophisticated propaganda campaign designed to scare the American people into giving up their civil liberties, as well as supporting the war in Iraq?

Arizona legal scholar David Altheide says that's exactly what happened. In his new book "Terrorism and the Politics of Fear," he points...

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China Attacking Pentagon Computers

In a new form of espionage, Chinese hackers are spying on Pentagon computers. Besides trying to "read" secret information, they are infecting military computers with computer viruses. The Pentagon admits that some of their computer software is antiquated, leaving their computers vulnerable to attack.

Frank Tiboni writes in that...

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Comcast Censorship Trial Balloon?

Afterdowningstreet.orgis an organization that seeks to draw attention tothe Downing Street Minutes and to lobby Congress to open aninvestigation into whether the President has committedimpeachable offenses.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with any givenorganization's political stance, it is clear that it has theright to conduct its...

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Dreamland This Week: CONSPIRACIES!

Always a popular guest, Jim Marrs joins William Henry as aDreamland host with his phenomenal interview of conspiracytheorist Ed Haslam, author ofMaryFerrie and the Monkey Virus. Jim asks Haslam the burningquestion:was AIDS manmade? Then Whitley interviews ANOTHER conspiracyexpert: Unholy Alliance author Peter Levenda, one of theonly...

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Beetles Named for Politicians

Newswise - President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney andSecretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld may not all get alibrary, airport or highway named after them. But each hashad a slime-mold beetle named in his honor.

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John Mack's Last Editorial does not publish political material, butwe are publishing this, John Mack's last statement, out ofour great respect for a lost leader of the community ofclose encounter witnesses. Thiseditorialwas written for the Boston Globe, which has not yetpublished it.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old...

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JFK Assassination Still Controversial

A new, digital copy of the audio tape of the assassinationof John F Kennedy will prove, once and for all, whetherkiller Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone because it will finallyestablish how many shots were fired.

Scientists are making the first digital copy of the originaltape, which hasn't been played or copied since 1990, becauseit's too...

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New Book from Marrs!

A few years ago, Jim Marrs, author of the popular book Rule by Secrecy, wrote a book that blew the cover on the government's clandestine psychic spying program?and was told it couldn't be published! A much tamer book on the same subject by another author was put out by his publisher later. That didn't stop Jim, so he published it himself?and we...

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Jim Marrs: It's All About Oil

Below is an article from Dreamland co-host Jim Marrs' website.

The War on Terrorism: Fact or Fiction? "Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Philosopher George Santayana

"We are not afraid to entrust the American...

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