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It's superbowl time again, and time to talk about football head injuries. At least there's now a new technique that may lead to earlier diagnosis of...
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Repair Your Brain

What kind of shape is YOUR brain in? Have you had an injury that has affected the way it functions? (NOTE: Subscribers...
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Football: A Risky Game

It's football season again, which brings up the topic of concussions (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). New research...
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Professional Sports are DANGEROUS

Much as we'd hate to lose two of our favorite sports--football and hockey--they are causing head injuries that lead to...
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Will This be Another Deadly Football Season?

Concussions are a brain injury caused by a hard hit, and they are not to be taken lightly. As many as 3.8 million athletes (especially football players) suffer a concussion each year in the...
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Why an NFL Player Killed Himself but Saved his Brain

Retired NFL player Dave Duerson had endured so much pain that he killed himself--but he did it in such a way that he could will his brain to medical science so it could be studied in order to find out more about the damage that...
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