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How Can You Tell if Your Computer is Bugged?

A federal judge recently ruled that it is illegal for the government to bug people's phones in the cause of Homeland Security. But what about all that email you send? reports that your keyboard can easily be bugged so that someone can "read" your passwords and other sensitive data.

Computer expert Matthew Blaze says that...

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Get Grandma a Computer

Seniors who use a computer appear to be less depressed and have less chance of developing Alzheimer's.

This research was by done by Village Care of New York, a long-term care provider in Manhattan?s Greenwich Village. In 1998, researcher Kathleen Triche decided to look into the impact of the growing use of computers by seniors on the...

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Geek Speak

You may use your computer every day, but do you reallycomprehend the lingo? has done a survey and foundthat few computer users really understand "Geek Speak." Whatdo "phishing" and "spyware" mean? What's a blog? And whatdoes it mean when a friend signs his email "LOL?"

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An End to PC Privacy

Think you're anonymous when you fire off a nasty letter onthe internet or peruse that forbidden porn site? A computerresearcher has found a way to track exactly what anycomputer is doing on the internet?so you could be beingwatched.

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Warning: Your Computer May be Tapped

You know your phone can be tapped, but you probably think you have complete privacy when typing on your computer keyboard. However, spies can eavesdrop on what you're writing by listening to the sounds of your keystrokes.

IBM research scientist Dmitri Asonov says that every key on computer keyboards, telephones and even ATM machines...

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Computer Virus Could be Mafia Plot

Microsoft thinks the recent computer worms were a terrorist attack. Now Peter Simpson, of ThreatLab, says that they were part of a plot by organized crime to take over the internet. He says, "This is the sixth in a series of controlled experiments. This isn't about some kiddy writing viruses in his bedroom?this is really a very sophisticated...

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Spam is Taking Over

Spam could make up the majority of e-mails by the end of 2002, according to data from e-mail service providers. The mail of internet users is fast becoming clogged with ads for pornography, money-making schemes and health products. In July, according to Brightmail, unsolicited bulk e-mail made up 36% of all e-mail, up from 8% about a year ago....

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Computer Terror

U.S. intelligence officers believe images on the pro-Islamicwebsite Azzam contain secret messages. This has inspired somecomputer users to check images on the site carefully forsigns that they have been altered using free programsavailable online.

However, Peter Honeyman, a computer expert at the Universityof Michigan, says that after...

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Secret Underground Computer Network

During the Cold War, authors would sometimes discover that their books were being published underground and distributed clandestinely to interested readers in the Soviet Union. No one in the West ever saw these books, or got any royalties from them, but it was heartening to be part of the spread of art and information in a controlled society....

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Your Computer is Spying on You

By monitoring the flashes of LED lights on electronics equipment and the indirect glow from monitors, scientists in the United States and the United Kingdom have discovered ways to remotely eavesdrop on computer data.

Optical signals from the little flashing LED (light-emitting diode) lights, which are on everything from modems to...

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