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Computer Virus Alert

An ancient computer virus has been turned into a nasty "double-infected" virus. Anti-virus software makers say some versions of the widespread computer virus Klez.h hides a mutation of a very destructive virus first seen in 1998 and known as Chernobyl or CIH. The Chernobyl virus variant automatically infects files and programs files on...

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FBI Wants Worm Information

The FBI is trying to get access to a massive database that contains the private communications and passwords of the victims of the Badtrans Internet worm. Badtrans spreads through security flaws in Microsoft mail software and transmits everything the victim types. Since November 24, Badtrans has violated the privacy of millions of Internet...

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Creators of Computer Virus Arrested

Four teenagers, aged 15 and 16, who created a computer virus in early December which infected computers via the internet worldwide, have been arrested in Israel. The high school students have confessed to creating and spreading the Goner Windows virus. An Israeli law passed in Israel in 1995 mandates sentences of up to five years for the...

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Is Your Computer Sick?

Nasty new viruses that use devious tricks to infect computers will become even more common in the future. The anti-virus software company Sophos says that the Nimda worm was the most widespread virus this year, even though it first appeared late in the year, in September.

?Nimda was effective because it could infect computers with a...

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