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A Traveler at the Edge of Death

This letter is one of many that appear inthe CommunionLetters. It illustrates the profound connection betweendeath and the close encounter experience that is discussedin Anne's Diary.

I was born in Texas in 1945. I've had OBEs since I was asmall child, and never thought it unusual, rather that theywere private and no one talked about it...

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Like Father, Like Son

After reading manyCommunionLetters, we've discovered that the visitor experience runsin families.Xavierwrites about the time he discovered that his father once hadstrange experiences too.

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The Communion Letters are Here!

The Communion Letters has arrived and will be shipped out starting Monday. Everyone who pre-ordered will receive a copy autographed by both Whitley and Anne. We're so happy to have this book back in print, because it contains some of the most important anecdotal evidence about the UFO phenomenon ever gathered together. It also gives the lie to...

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