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Will Comet ISON Survive its Sweep Past the Sun?

The universe is putting on its own Thanksgiving Day light show in the form of Comet ISON, which is set to graze the sun tomorrow.

Assuming that the comet does not disintegrate under the pressure of strong gravitational forces or solar energy, it is set to be one of the most brilliant comets of this century.

The shining...
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Unknowncountry Weekender: When a Comet Strikes the Sun--WATCH OUT

In the year 775 AD, the sun didn't just emit a large flare, it emitted something close to a superflare, and scientists who have been studying this mysterious and extremely dangerous phenomenon now believe that they understand what caused it, and the news is disturbing. In 775, auroras appeared in Europe after sunset that were recorded as 'the...
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Comets May Escape into Other Universe

Comets may be composed of the mysterious "dark matter" thatmakes up 90% of the universe "because they are disappearingand nobody knows where," says Robert Foot of the Universityof Melbourne in Australia. "If I'm right, there is aninvisible mirror universe occupying the same space as ouruniverse, complete with mirror galaxies, mirror stars...

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