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Blindsight Can Be Better Than Real Sight

If you went blind, you?d still be able to unconsciously make your way across a cluttered room without bumping into anything. You've experienced this kind of blindsight if you've ever reflexively reached for a ball suddenly thrown at you. It?s made possible by a primitive visual pathway that controls behavior without conscious vision.


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Do You Think in Color?

Black and white words on a page, as well as the sounds of words or numbers being spoken, turn into colors in the mind of a middle-aged man. ?Two? is blue and ?traffic? is both blue and brown. He has synesthesia ? an altered state of perception in which printed words and numbers seem to burst with color, flavors take on shapes and the spoken...

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How Did They Do It?

See if you can figure out how this was done--it's a mystery to us. click here.

Here's another mystery--how did they do it? To see for yourself,click here.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Brain Games

Test your brain power by taking the following tests and evaluating your results against others who have tested themselves as well. Find out if you have psychic or remote viewing abilities and see if you have a chance to win the lottery.

Card Test: This test is similar to the classic ESP card test, popularized from the 1930s to 1960s by...

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Mysterious Card Trick?Or Is It Simple?

Click on the link below to play what was, to us anyway, a baffling card trick. Or you may figure out how it?s done right away.

In case it fools you too, look for the answer in Monday?s news on

To play the card trick game,click here.

For more interesting games,click here.

NOTE: This news...

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Green With Envy? Play New Color Game

Last weekend, we put up a color game that asks you to choose a series of colors, then gives you a description of what?s going on in your life right now. Most listeners found it amazingly accurate, but it didn?t work for everyone.

If you?re green with envy because our first color game didn?t do it for you, then try this new game (and...

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