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Why Red Means Stop All Over the World

It's interesting to consider why the color red sends the same message everywhere: danger, hot, stop. It also means dominance--athletes wearing red (as the Giants did in the recent Superbowl) seem to win more often.

It could be explained because red is the color of...
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The Power of Pink

We've written before about the power of red. Now it turns out that a preference for pink?the traditional color for girls?may be hardwired into women's brains.

Studies show that both sexes prefer blue. In New Scientist, Roxanne Khamsi quotes researcher Anya Hurlbert as saying, "Going back to our 'savannah' days, we would have a natural...

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Winners Wear Red

The Spurs, the new NBA champs, wear black and white, but the Chicago Bulls, longtime NBA winners, wore red, andpsychologists think it wasn't just Michael Jordan who gavethis team such an edge--it was their red uniforms too.

In the U.K., psychologists tracked the success of differentteams in four Olympic sports. In the Olympics,...
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Seeing Red

Women can see more different shades of red than men becausethe gene for seeing red is on the X chromosome. Women havetwo copies of this, while men have only one.

Researchers analyzed the DNA of 236 people from around theworld and also found 85 variations of another gene on the Xchromosome that controls perception of the color green....

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