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We Have to Save Our Bees

Last year, half of all of California's bees died off, and bee populations across the world continued to plummet. The research is...
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Massive Worldwide Bee Decline Continues as Pesticide Companies Ramp Up the PR

On May 13 reported that bee colonies in the United States have been devastated, and now similar devastation is being reported from the United Kingdom. If colonies continue to collapse at this rate, many primary food sources are going to become scarce due to...
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US Bee Colonies Devastated, Threatening Food Supply

A third of all honeybee colonies in the United States died last winter. This is a catastrophic rate of decline which, if it continues, will threaten the national food supply beginning within a few years. The rate of decline is roughly twice what the bee population can sustain. Last March, the California almond crop was threatened by a lack of...
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What's Killing the Bees

New studies show that a widely used insecticide can threaten the health of bumblebee colonies and interfere with the homing abilities of honeybees.

Science Daily quotes bee researcher Dave Goulson as saying, "Some bumblebee species have declined hugely. For example, in North America, several bumblebee species which used to be...
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