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Old Scrolls are Probably Fakes

We wrote that some ancient scrolls made of lead and copper that have recently come to light may reveal mysteries of ancient Christianity, but now it looks as if...
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Protect Our Access to Vitamins!

Dr. Matthias Rath writes that the United Nation?s ?Codex Alimentarius Commission? wants to outlaw any preventive and therapeutic health statements made in relation to vitamins and other natural therapies worldwide. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is supporting this.

Rath feels this opposition is being led by...

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Access to Vitamins is Safe?For Now

The drug industry?s efforts to restrict customer access to nutritional supplements and other natural health therapies have been thwarted by a huge consumer letter writing campaign.

Pharmaceutical industry executives and politicians representing more than 50 countries met in Berlin as part of the UN ?Codex Alimentarius? Commission. The...

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