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What if Coal Didn't Pollute

We're desperately searching for new oil and gas (with fracking), but we have plenty of coal. China does too, but they use so much of it that their country is hopelessly polluted. If only we could find a way to burn coal without releasing carbon dioxide.

It may have happened. Researchers have just produced heat from coal for 203...
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Burning Coal May Seal Our Doom

The US isn't the only country facing the coal conundrum, meaning we have plenty of coal, but don't want to burn it, because it causes pollution and climate change.

On, Charles Kennedy reports that the Australian state of Queensland could become the seventh...
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Will Fracking Save Us or Shake Us?

What is "fracking?" It's removing natural gas from the ground--and there is LOTS of it right here in the US, so if we produce cars that run on natural gas (as lots of trucks do already), then we can solve our oil dependency problems. HOWEVER, fracking uses LOTS...
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The Coal Conundrum

While some scientists search desperately for a new fuel to use in cars and power plants that will free us from dependence on Middle Eastern oil while producing fewer emissions, other researchers are trying to find ways to use a fuel we have PLENTY of right here at home: coal.

More than half of the electricity produced in the United...

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Environmental Disaster

The US is facing an environmental disaster because we have too much coal. Although most of our power plants run on coal, burning it releases carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, so this will have to stop soon. The question is: what else can we use? reports that, Ernest Moniz, who is one of the world's experts on global...

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